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A Creative Christmas and a Happy First Prize!
Updated 2010-12-14
In our most recent industry collaboration, Moof + approached The One Academy first year, second semester students to participate in its Christmas sculpture design project. This project is part of the students' fundamentals studies of design which is led by the academy's Advertising & Graphic Design lecturers.

Seventeen groups of students presented to Moof +'s representatives; Chris Lee and Sam Ee, Moof +'s Marketing Manager. The students' design elements varied from fantasy to spiritual and even some based on children stories. The judges shared their opinions from their designing perspective on how students can improve their creations better and also how they can maintain a client's identity when designing a sculpture.

Selected sculptures was placed at lifestyle concept store Parkson Pavillion & Sunway Pyramid and Times Bookstore in Pavillion & Sri Hartamas and so on. The chosen sculptures was placed along with Moof +'s unique products, along with a description to explain the concept behind the creative ideas.

Recently the prize presentation was held to reward the groups for their best works. Presenting the awards was Sam Ee, Moof +'s Marketing Manager to give out the consolation and the top three prizes. Seven groups were selected for the consolation prizes; the groups (also their project title) are Whimsical Toy Factory, The Purity of Christmas, Futuristic Santa, Four Seasons, Colours of Christmas, A Snowy White Christmas and The Most Precious Gift.

The top three prizes were bagged by The Little Match Girl's Vision who won 1st Prize with a whopping amount of RM1,300; 2nd Prize was won by Merry Me Christmas, received RM1000 and 3rd Prize of amount RM500 went to Music from the Rooftop. Winners of the first prize jumped for joy as the group’s representative hurried to the front to collect their award from Moof + Marketing Manager.

"I can see the students’ effort in improving their creativity. I am also very happy to see that the sculptures created met Moof +'s marketing expectation. I look forward to more collaboration in future to showcase The One Academy's creative talent," claimed Sam. With the academy always equipping the students with practical coaching approach, Senior Lecturer of Advertising & Graphic Design, Chow Ping said, "It is a very good practice for students because they can learn a client's requirement and meet them altogether. Understanding the requirements and meeting them is two different matters; for these first year students, it is a great opportunity to learn how to tackle both matters and achieve them." Well done students!