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The Art of Storytelling with Creative Expert Andrew Gordon
Updated 2020-09-12

In conjunction with the Live International Masterclass: Creativity & Design virtual event, The One Academy had invited six renowned creative experts from all over the world to share knowledge, insight and information with the youth in Malaysia.

During his session, Andrew spoke on the importance of animators understanding the art of storytelling and not just equipping themselves with good design skills. “Story is at the heart of everything”, he stated. He encouraged participants to delve deeper into honing their storytelling skills and challenge themselves to produce great stories out of everyday situations. “Ultimately, stories are one of two types, you have the stranger comes to town story where someone comes into the town and changes the world around them. Then you have got the classic hero on a journey story which is basically a hero going through all this trials and tribulations and changes”. The audience was also given short exercises to sharpen their storytelling skills and get their creative juices flowing throughout the session.

Apart from storytelling, the creative veteran also emphasised the importance of understanding basics such as lighting, camera positioning, cinematography and more to be able to bring their animation and stories to the next level. “What are you trying to say and what is the best way to say it? Always ask yourself this and equip yourself with cinematography knowledge. Study films, pause them and draw out the scenes, do the work of understanding it as would really make a difference in your animation”. Andrew then went on to explain on framing techniques, tips on pitching ideas, the successful traits of an animator and good acting. He went on to state that the technology today levels the playing field and “you don’t need to be a good animator to make great work, you just need to be a good actor”. Understand what is good acting and reproducing it in your designs is an excellent way to make good work.

The Masterclass ended with a Q&A session during which participants got an expert’s take on their questions and queries. His parting advice to young creatives was simple but profound. “I think you just have to start making your own stories and start practicing. You also want to be a little bit specific about what you want to do, you want to be a writer, cartoonist, or animator, I would pick something and then really get into it”. He advised participants to constantly keep learning and be passionate about what you do because they are the next generation of artists that is going to revolutionise creativity.

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