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Painting the Town Green with Talent!
Updated 2020-01-17

Recently, Platinum Victory collaborated with Kansai Paint to organise an exciting design competition, the ‘Paint the Town Green’ Award which called for participants to conceptualise a sustainable and creative design focusing on three aspects: interior design, landscaping and architecture for The Palette. Tang Ker Nee, a budding designer from The One Academy’s Interior Architecture and Design programme had participated and bagged the Consolation Award!

The competition aimed to promote the importance of sustainability and environmental awareness among patrons, encouraging them to be more environmentally responsible and civic-minded. Entries were judged based on design concept and sustainability with heavy emphasis on the latter focusing on originality, creative & innovations, colour concept, practicality, financial and worthiness. The line-up of judges featured names from renowned interior design and architecture firms as well as representatives of Kansai Paint and Platinum Victory.

Tang Ker Nee’s winning design was conceptualized and modelled for a public space at The Palette. She had designed the area to be filled with lush greenery, flowing water structures, ample of seating places and more elements which all worked together to bring about a serene feel to the location.

Upon hearing the results of the competition, she recounted feeling ecstatic. “I didn’t really expect to win seeing all the talented people and industry people I was up against, it has definitely encouraged me to work harder and further improve myself”, said Ker Nee. She also elaborated that her journey in the competition was filled with researching on technical and practical knowledge as well as working around a tight schedule which proved to be one of the challenges she faced.

“Of all the bumps in the road, I was handling both the competition and my part time job at the same time. So, it was a really stressful time but looking back, the effort that I’ve put in was worth the sleepless nights”, she said. She also thanked her lecturers at The One Academy who had given her advice and assisted her in her journey. “The college has been a huge help since day one, it was great having amazing lecturers that have not only taught me knowledge and useful skills, but also pushed me to my full potential and have guided me every step of the way”.

When asked about her advice to future participants of the competition, she emphasised on doing their best and never giving up. It is apparent that the future is indeed bright for this young designer and we bid her the best of luck in her creative journey to success!

Paint the Town Green

Paint the Town Green

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