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A Day Is All It Takes
Updated 2019-07-18

The Roca One Day Design Challenge is a design competition aimed at students and young professionals under the age of 30 who are starting out in the design and architecture sectors. Taking place every year in different cities around the world, this contest supports young talents by providing them with a platform to boost their creativity. During the competition, participants tackle the challenge of creating original concepts and innovative solutions related to the bathroom space in just one day.

The edition of competition in Malaysia united over 220 young talents from all over the country. Held in Kuala Lumpur, the concept given was to rethink a basin design to include other features and functionalities apart from the current ones. Out of all the submissions, Amnion – a joint effort between Aresha Suraya, a lecturer at The One Academy and her friend, was chosen as the Winner. The project presented a wholesome solution that works both as a conventional basin and ergonomic baby bath tub, with the concept derived from the amniotic sac that provides a protective and comfortable environment for the foetus inside the womb.

“It was my first design competition as a professional, so I didn’t have any high expectations on winning as my intention was purely to gain experience. I’m still overwhelmed to this day, that I’ll be representing Malaysia next year in Barcelona for the Master Design Challenge 2020,” said Aresha.

She also shared that the whole experience was eye-opening – having only had a few hours to brainstorm and settle on an idea and making sure that it fulfils every requirement stated in the brief. All in all, she said that the unique design competition was a positive brain-training and satisfying as well.

“Try to tick off as much requirements on the brief as you can, design based on functionalities and finally support them with aesthetics through design principles and elements. Form follows function is always the best strategy for product design,” she said in advice to those who wish to partake in such competitions.

Interior Design students Lim Joe Yi scored the Third Prize with her project, Kontrol, while Tan Lai Zeng and Chua E-Xuan took home the Special Prize with their submission, Dry Basin. Kontrol is designed based on the idea of controlling water usage in which the transparent glass tank of the basin allows the accumulation of water up to a certain amount and stops filling after. Meanwhile, Dry Basin reacts to the levels of water usage by changing its colour according to the intensity of use.

“It definitely felt very nerve-racking due to the time limit yet exciting at the same time as this was my first experience designing a project on the spot and completing it within the given period of time, especially when we have to compete with many other competitors,” recounted Joe Yi, who also said that winning the competition gave her a feeling of recognition and encouragement in the product design field.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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