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Future Workplaces That Go Above and Beyond Imagination
Updated 2018-08-29

Ease, access, speed, and collaboration are all words that are used liberally when describing the effects of technology. Keeping in line with the theme of technology and all that it has to offer, The One Academy partnered up with Dell, Microsoft and M-Link to bring yet another opportunity for talented young individuals in the creative field. The ‘Visions of the Future’ short film competition was organized and open to all The One Academy students. The students were asked to create a 3 minute-long short film showing how they imagined the future of workplaces to be like.

The use of VFX and animation was encouraged to bring out the creative technological side in them. They were not only competing for their share of the prizes worth RM15,000 but also the opportunity to exhibit their talent and skills on a public platform as the winner’s work would be used at the company’s promotional events. The stakes were high and the scholars definitely delivered.

The first prize was won by the team led by Ruth Feby Carissa. She and her team mates Alison Loke, Eng Hui Qing, Leonie Albert, Liew Hui Xuan, Phang Kenie and Nicholas Ho walked away with the grand prize of vouchers worth RM10,000. The win evidently came as a surprise as the team did not expect the victory. They worked hard as a group but did not harbour hopes of winning as the competition was quite strong. “At the end, we just thought about doing our best to make the short film as presentable as possible to anyone who would watch it with a hope of still winning” said Ruth Feby Carissa who took on the role of Art Director for this project.

The team’s advice to future participants is to “do your best and just go for it”. They stated that competitions such as these are not all about winning but rather the experience one stands to gain from it. “As students, we are still learning and these projects give us a chance to learn and get valuable information from lecturers as well as their valuable guidance along the process”, said Ruth.

The second prize went to the talented team led by Chin Young. He and his team mates Chung Chin Hong, Shiew Hao Ze, Victor Chan, Go Zhin Yuen, Lee Chi Yuen and Teoh Yi Heng bagged shopping vouchers worth a whopping RM5000. Some of the challenges that the team faced while producing this project was rejection of ideas and budget issues. As this was a new type of project for them, they decided to come up with unique ideas, however many of their ideas were rejected before they settled on the winning one. Budget was also a concern as many of the locations that they planned to film at was too pricey to rent. He also advised future participants to take into consideration the practical and technical issues that may occur during the production phase of a project such as this. “Things like location and budget can end up being a huge rock in the way”, he said.

Future Workplaces That Go Above and Beyond Imagination

Future Workplaces That Go Above and Beyond Imagination

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