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Human VS AI: The Battle of Creativity
Updated 2018-03-26

The One Academy was extremely delighted to be hosting BBDO Malaysia’s Creative Director Lay Jian Yi for his sharing with our students. To introduce briefly, Lay has over 15 years of experience as a hybrid creative – in Lay’s case, he is highly-capable in mainstream advertising and also knows his ways through digital platforms.

Lay has vast experience working on regional and international accounts such as Maxis, Hotlink, UMobile, Astro, Mars Brands, KFC, Unilever Brands. Fonterra Brands, Mercedes and many others. For his exceptional creative work, Lay has garnered wins at Cannes, LIA, Adfest and Effies, among many other prestigious advertising awards.

His thick-framed glasses and demeanor were already a dead giveaway to the fact that Lay is inspired by the geek culture and finds interest with all the latest technologies. Hence, the title of his talk ‘Can AI Be Creative?’ made every sense, as it is a rising phenomenon which affects our approach to marketing and creativity.

To illustrate how exactly AI is sneaking into our creative territories, Lay introduced many AI applications and platforms within the industry. For one, an AI Creative Director bot named ‘AI-CD β’ created by McCann Japan is capable of directing a TV commercial. In fact, it was put to test to create an ad for Clorets Mint Tab against another human director, and the bot-directed ad was preferred by most advertising experts.

The potential of creative AIs also seemed limitless as Lay revealed to students about platforms that would replace their future jobs as designers (BrandMark, TailorBrands), copywriters (Persado, Free Slogan Maker) and even music composers (Jukedeck). He also talked about Sunspring (2016), an experimental science fiction short film written entirely by an AI bot. It is highly recommended that you check these out.

Lay reassured that as creatives, we should be pushing ourselves to be better. “We need to think about how we differentiate ourselves and add value for our clients,” he said.

AI can be used to further our inspirations and make our work better, because what it actually does is doing the heavy lifting for us. AI helps us process valuable information like data, and from there on, allowing us to use the data and create ultimately better work.

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