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International Storyboarding Artist Empowers Young Animators
Updated 2012-01-16
THE ONE ACADEMY was honoured to host a 3-day event of Malaysia's first international professional seminar and workshop featuring a world renowned storyboarding artist and animator Javier Secaduras.

The 4-hour seminar was attended by more than 200 young designers and animators from The One Academy who received insights on animation pre-production such as staging, dynamic frame composition, the importance of storyboarding, and the necessity skills required for animators in the creative industry.

Javier kickstarted his seminar with an introduction of the animatics (animated video storyboards) of a feature film to the students that will enable them to understand the progress of storyboarding from script to blue print, as shown in the impressive works he have done for blockbuster movies such as Rio and Madagascar. Students were advised that as a storyboard film maker, one is not just an artist who draws. "You have to put yourself in the position of a film director in order to come up with a good storyboard for a film," said Javier.

He added, "If you want to survive in the industry, you must not give up as the best opportunity is always around the corner waiting for you. So, keep drawing and improve your skills, have the ability to multitask and work at developing more than 3 skills at a time," Javier further explained that an artist also needs to keep in mind on the importance of networking and socializing with industry people, with a good ego to boost.

Following the seminar, Javier held a storyboarding workshop in a knowledge exchange session of hands-on skills on the areas of storyboarding such as map guides, camera setting and more. Over 30 academia member of The One Academy attended the workshop and went through the storyboarding exercise to enhance their existing practical knowledge, as well as organising a professional portfolio and critique session.

The One Academy believes in its 'Masters Train Masters' coaching philosophy that will successfully shape the future of its students through guidance of industry gurus from the professional industry to deliver their knowledge and insights to the students, inspiring them to learn from the best and scale towards achieving world class results with international recognition.