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Young Malaysian Animator Made No.1 in International ComiCon Challenge
Updated 2012-01-16
In the San Diego Comicon Challenge 2011, a fan-based art competition organised by for all artists across the globe, 23-year-old digital animator from The One Academy Nicholas Quek Way Wern won first prize in the animation category with his winning attack sequence clip of The Flash comic character.

Comicon Challenge was aimed to gather talent among 3D character artists, concept artists, vehicle/prop artists and animators around the world to showcase their best work based on this year's theme 'alternate universe'. As for animators, their mission is to make a super cool hero or villain attack sequence with a fun twist of creativity which Nicholas outstandingly nailed.

"It took me approximately two weeks to complete the work for the Comicon Challenge. The theme was to create a 10 second animation based on a comic superhero of your choice, in a battle scene," said Nicholas. "From the competition, I have learned that passion drives me to produce better work and makes the process enjoyable,"

Nicholas also had his impressive entry recognised by renowned professionals in the game and animation industry including Brad Kinley, a cinematic animator of Star Wars maker Industry Light & Magic (ILM). "Fantastic work here! Really entertaining sequence, clear staging and some fun physicality. This is a really strong shot," said Kinley.

According to Nicholas, he studied digital animation as he had always been interested in drawing as a young boy. "I was also fascinated by how cartoons were made. When I first got introduced to 3D animation, I found it intriguing and wanted to know more about it,"

He further concurred that studying at The One Academy has helped to pave the direction of his career in animation. "In my opinion, The One Academy has provided me with a solid foundation and helped me in exploring my artistic and creative skills. During this process, I was able to discover my strengths and weaknesses," said Nicholas. He added that to become successful in the industry, one needed to be creative and open minded with perseverance and a good portfolio that would make a huge difference in the employers' hiring list.

"My advice would be to seek for a mentor who inspires you as they mould and shape your future pathway. Also, research and analyze artworks that are available on the internet will help in self-improvement. Most importantly, be passionate in what you do and never stop learning," said Nicholas.