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Visual Art Workshop Hosted by The One Academy to Boost SPM Students 2015’s Confidence
Updated 2015-11-24
Over 40 students from nearly 20 schools from Selangor who will be taking their Visual Art examination for the upcoming Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2015 have attended a draw-and-paint workshop session recently at Bandar Sunway to prepare for the examination the following week.

This is the second time this workshop is held by The One Art Society which operates under the The One Academy Management Team as this workshop is found to be extremely beneficial and increase the students’ confidence in a correct and interesting way.

The Head of the Art Department in SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong 1, Puan Hafizah Irwan, who also witnessed the workshop said it increased her confidence in using water colour more effectively through the demonstration held by the young lecturers from The One Academy. In fact, she also admitted that the information presented in the 4-hour workshop is comprehensive, easily understood, useful and also very entertaining.

Students from SMK USJ 13, Nusrat Jan binti Sulaiman said he knew about the workshop at the very last minute from his schoolmates and admitted that the workshop was extremely useful because it helped him to increase his drawing and painting skills with the accurate techniques.

According to him, the workshop also helped him remove areas of doubts in regards to visual art especially in terms of accuracy in techniques especially in creating interior or exterior house perspective drawings as required by the third question in the Visual Art 2.

Meanwhile, Andrwe Ong Tan Hui from SMK USJ 12, who received the invitation to this workshop through SMS, successfully mastered a few techniques on how to answer some of the examination questions correctly especially in regards to the emphasis of light in painting as questioned in the Visual Arts 2 for SPM this year. “This workshop gave us many tips on how to face the examination. Lecturers are also very nice and friendly,” he said.

According to The One Academy Marketing Manager Harlym Yeo, this workshop is opened to SPM candidates for free as it will give them a wider opportunity for The One Academy to help the students and, at the same time, boost their confidence so that they are prepared to face Visual Arts 2 based on all six questions given.

“The workshop taught the students on techniques to identify exam questions, effective methodology in finding the source of reference, techniques on how to produce a drawing composition, drawing and painting correctly and also demonstrate on how to master the colours, drawing perspective and light by the lecturers from the popular private college – The One Academy,” he said.

The organiser hopes that workshops as such that would take place the year after, would attract a lot more participation from students outside Selangor.

Students who are about to take Visual Arts 2 for SPM are diligently practicing to get good greats for this subject at The One Academy’s workshop recently.