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Master Trainer Empower Students with Winner's Mentality
Updated 2011-04-18
As one of the leading art & design colleges in Malaysia, The One Academy always ensure that its aspiring designer students are guided towards the path of nurturing industry talents that tailor their creativity to greater heights!

With that objective in mind, The One Academy has invited success coach Dr Ernest Wong to The One Academy campus to impart his wise knowledge on how to enhance one's learning skills on the subject of creativity. On a 2-day Neurolinguistic Motivation Workshop & Seminar organised by The One Academy Penang, some 100 over students had the opportunity to experience the result of his coaching on self-enhancement skills and discovering beyond the term 'EQ alignment'.

Students as participants of the seminars were also provided with in-depth knowledge about the art of communicating, learning as well as enhancing the power of their visualisation as a designer. They also learned what it takes to prepare themselves upon graduation, studying the inner working of a winner's mentality and most importantly, how to take one's creativity to earning a rewarding future career. Through Ernest's natural ability to understand, connect with and motivate his students, he gets the would-be rising designers inspired and be career-ready upon graduation. Previously, Dr Ernest Wong has also shared his knowledge with the students at The One Academy Bandar Sunway.

Dr Ernest Wong is a master trainer, founder and principal consultant of Learning Mastery with more than 20 years of working experience in training, motivating and coaching to provide effective solutions that address the modern challenges today. In the academic arena, Ernest was the first to bring accelerated learning to Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Indonesia and become the most sought after success mentor for training students, teachers and principals, by schools and education ministries or institutes, both locally and overseas.