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Multimedia Alumni Life Hacking: Journey to Shanghai
Updated 2014-09-14

The One Academy students were visited by Stephen Chan, a Creative Director at Phluency Interactive Advertising under BlueFocus Communication Group, ranked world’s No.17 agency company. The sharing was informative as students learned about the career trends in fast-paced and growing digital agencies, including the employee demands in the areas of design, public relations, e-commerce and social media.

Recently returned from Shanghai, China, Stephen dropped by for an hour sharing session on his career and portfolios with Multimedia Design students. With the rise of digital trends, more and more companies are seeking for young talents to join the force and the importance of their presence in the industry; this is where Stephen came in with the sharing on China’s “digital landscape” and why the digital waves are rising.

As China is well-acclaimed for their next economic power house, according to Stephen, the number of internet users in China are nearly twice the population of United States of America, and Chinese Netizens spend an average of 25 hours on the internet every week. Students also learned about the popular devices used by Chinese Netizens to surf the internet; majority are mobiles, followed by desktops and then laptops.

Furthering the sharing, Stephen also shared about Chinese Netizen’s most favoured online platforms and activities which are QQ, China’s top messaging platform, search engine Bai Du being the highest compared to Google, and finally online shopping attracting approximately 300mil Chinese shoppers.

With this information, it help students understand the demands of digital content and how companies like BlueFocus, are expanding in places like Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. With this information, not only did Stephen bring this lucrative good news to the sharing, but he has also opened BlueFocus’s doors of opportunities to The One Academy students. Following the sharing session, students had the chance to talk to Stephen up close to understand the career opportunity and job scope in BlueFocus, and how they can start their career pathway in the highly-acclaimed agency in the world.

Stephen graduated from The One Academy Multimedia Design in year 2006, where he started his career in China. Thanks to Stephen’s observation skills, Stephen is an expert at generating ideas as well as finding the best creative solutions for executions. Stephen has previously won a Crowbar Award Singapore and the FWA Award. Founded in Beijing, China in 1996, BlueFocus has cultivated a wide network of collaborations across Asia Pacific and Europe working with 200 over clients. BlueFocus is renowned for their outstanding business growth and stock performances since the year 2010, which led to them receiving the ‘Best Under a Billion’ Award by Forbes Asia in 2013. Among the key clients of BlueFocus are Canon, Sony, Volkswagen, Michelin, Jaguar, Red Bull, Pepsi, Durex, Lenovo and many more.