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Students Explore the Intricate Art of Origami
Updated 2014-09-14

A dynamic and versatile art, Origami expands the imagination of artists and designers by presenting an efficient way to realise their ideas!

The One Academy had the honour of hosting the founder of Malaysian Origami Academy, Mr Kenneth Ch'ng during the recent Origami & Packaging Workshop. As envisaged by the Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy, experts from all creative fields are regularly engaged to impart their knowledge to the students, and the art of paper folding is certainly a discipline which would inspire the students greatly.

A forerunner in the promotion of Origami in Malaysia, Kenneth focussed the first 30 minutes of his sharing on the overall concept of paper folding, as well as diagramming. With basics secured, students began experimenting geometric Origami in the subsequent 2 hours. As the principles of origami are also used in stents, packaging and engineering of structures, the experienced gained from paper folding helps tremendously in enhancing students' art sense in design too!

The traditional Japanese art of paper folding is believed to have started the latest by 17th century AD, and has evolved into a popular modern art form since the middle of 20th century. The art aims to transform a flat sheet of Washi (Japanese paper) into a completed sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques.

Origami is based on a number of basic folding techniques, such as valley and mountain folds, pleats, outside and inside reverse folds, swivel fold, sink fold and a few more. Generally, gluing is not considered an Origami technique, but sometimes paper cutting or starting with non-square papers are accepted. Besides, there are also standard bases which can be used in a wide variety of models.

When the basics are combined in a variety of ways, we can create intricate and attractive designs. One of the designs that is prevalent all over the world is the paper crane. With papers of different colours or prints, and meticulous crafting skills mastered over multiple explorations and repeated practices, students may produce unique packaging designs to suit different occasions and needs.

Armed with additional art and craft techniques, aspiring artists and designers enrolled in The One Academy will certainly gain a head start in their future careers, as they can imagine more complex designs and know how to produce charming crafts! It's really worth the effort to get a foothold in related art and design fields!