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Wider Fashion Exposure on Accessories with International Fashion Accessory Designer
Updated 2014-09-18

While there is so much more to learn about the world of Fashion Design, ESMOD Kuala Lumpur students focused on learning how to master fashion designing & pattern making techniques skillfully. However, having French fashion accessory designer Clothilde Dupont over to The One Academy for a sharing session was a fresh learning experience because students get to be exposed to the creative process of accessory design and how to start a fashion label.

An industry that is worth billions, Fashion Design for men, women and even children’s collection is vast; ranging from prêt-à-porter, couture, shoes, wedding, winter, lingerie and finally accessories too. Accessory design is a category on its own from hats, scarves, bags and the list goes on. Kaleido by Clothilde Dupont is a collection of fashionable state-of-the-art handbags, designed with a combination of Easter and Western elements.

As an accessory designer, Clothilde seeks inspiration in the history of art & fashion; during the sharing, Clothilde encourages students to do research as much as they can because it would help support them in their design work. It can also be used in mood board compilation when planning for a design collection. Clothilde showed students how she used photographs for her mood board.

Besides sharing with students on designing accessories, students were also taught brand collection process, where they learned how to plan designs and prepare samples including the process of pattern drafting and technical drawing. Students also learned how to plan for their own collection which involves what to pay attention to when purchasing materials, how to communicate with buyers for a business opportunity and preparing themselves for fashion fairs.

The French designer has not only opened up students’ mind in the area of accessory design, but has also inspired them on the other areas that they are able to expand in the industry such as brand collaboration, leaving the ESMOD Kuala Lumpur future fashion designers all set for the real world!