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Advocating Multiculturalism & Conservation through Creative Wau Designing!
Updated 2014-09-18

Wau is one of Malaysia’s most famous form of art, and local culture is something that we hold closely to our hearts. Putting what they learnt to good use, Tee Khai Ming, Lee Guan Hua, Yiow Shuey Myn and Dean Chua once again made the college proud by seizing prestigious awards in Creative Wau Designing Competition.

As an internationally renowned, top-notch art & design institute, The One Academy strives to equip aspiring designers with a multitude of knowledge. By injecting fresh ideas into the design of Wau, 2 groups of The One Academy students have won prizes at the recent Creative Wau Designing Competition.

For the Grand Prize winners, Khai Ming and Guan Hua, their design was based on the fish eye perspective composition, decorated with astonishing paper cutting. As the result of their extensive research, their understanding on ethnic patterns and textures, as well as cutting techniques and the application of watercolour grew by leaps and bounds. Of course, they would also like to extend their gratitude to lecturers who have provided precious tutelage.

As for the Second Runner-Up team comprised of Shuey Myn and Dean, they stood firm for the cause of bringing light to the lesser known Malaysian fauna, by incorporating sun bear, tapir, pangolin, kingfisher and the monarch butterfly into their gigantic wau. Using mirrors for eyes as they wanted to give the animals a “spirited” look, it's also a reflection of the traditional belief that waus were able to navigate into the spiritual world with their “eyes”.

Khai Ming opined that among all qualities, teamwork was paramount, without which success was surely beyond reach. Shuey Myn also concurred that good partnership was important. While keeping everything symmetrical was challenging, convincing her partner to see eye to eye with her on various issues was a daunting task! However, once she has driven home the message “go big or go home”, his input made the design stronger. Having a partner that could think and work on the same wavelength was an extremely strong advantage!

Bestowed with fine artistry made possible by the industry-driven creative education, these brilliant youngsters have embarked on a bright future. As summed up by Shuey Myn, it’s all in the state of mind as proclaimed by poet Walter D. Wintle, “If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost; For out of the world we find; Success begins with a fellow’s will; It’s all in the state of mind.”