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Crafty Students Go Green with Creative Ideas
Updated 2014-06-25
The One Academy emerged as winners at the Spritzer Grow Green Eco Art Contest, an event that allowed students to express their handmade side with Spritzer bottles!

Creativity is limitless! Since the Stone Age, we humans are naturally crafty and creative in generating ideas. Drawing a parallel, the arty crafty students at The One Academy emerged as winners at the Spritzer Grow Green Eco Art Contest, an event that allowed students to express their handmade side with Spritzer bottles!

The contest was part of the Spritzer’s Grow Green Campaign, which was held in conjunction of World Earth Day, whereby students are required to utilize Spritzer’s water bottles in the sizes of 9litre, 6litre, 1.5litre and 600ml. Spritzer continues to uphold their stand for a greener and healthier environment by advocating it in their first Grow Green Campaign and its collaboration with The One Academy’s creative students. Through this advocacy, The One Academy students were nurtured to put their crafty hands to good use, to do their part for the environmental movement. With this, The One Academy students participated in groups, and each group crafted functional products that can help the environment.

During the prize presentation, the organizers rewarded 4 groups of The One Academy participants; 1st Place was seized by teammates Lee Guan Hua and Tee Khai Meng with their outstanding double submission entitled ‘Under the Sea and LEGO Theme Gnome’; the first a 3-level aquarium that consist of a plant on top, a water filter in the second and finally a steric at the bottom level. The duo shared that their other piece LEGO Theme Gnome is a garden deco flower pot with a LEGO figure painted on the pot holding an eco-message card. In 2nd Place, Choicelyn Tan, Bryon Sigawin and Lim Kah Wei won the prize with their crafty entry entitled ‘Pirate Ship Pot’. According to the trio, they explained that their submission consist of 2 flower pots, the first a pirate ship flower pot. They also included that their other creation was based on a colourful theme. The team used recyclable materials such as paper, ice-cream sticks to form the ship.

At 3rd Place, the winners are Nikholas Alviyanto, Cyndhi Susilo and Prisca Ardiana with their innovative double designs called ‘Umbrella Stand and Aromatherapy’. The team described their Aromatherapy creation was a Balinese design flower pot inspired by their country, Indonesia, and the other an umbrella stand. “Malaysia’s climate is tropical and rain most of the time; we thought this will be great to keep umbrellas!” said the team; the stand was decorated with Malaysia’s famous places like Twin Tower, Genting Highlands and Batu Caves. Last but not least, teammates Chok An Gie, Kee Fui Ying, Low Chin Cheng, Au Yong Kenny and Daniel Lee Wee Kiat received consolation for their awesome double-whammy creation entitled ‘Tree of Life & Blossom’ eco-friendly household decoration; Blossom is a flower pot with a well-designed filter system to clean water to reuse on plants, where else Tree of Life is a flower pot created to raise awareness on animal extinction.

Thumbs up to The One Academy students! Once again, creating innovative creations, not just in art & design but in recycling handmade too!