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The One Academy Students Learns the Best at Global Digital Marketing Seminar
Updated 2014-04-02
The best of digital marketing seminar was fully-packed with The One Academy students, all eager to learn from the best!

The One Academy advertising students were in for another informative experience when they attended ‘The Best of Global Digital Marketing’ seminar at Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil on the 18th March 2014. The seminar was loaded with strong foundation of digital marketing knowledge, featuring international field experts in advertising & digital marketing from countries like UK/France, Turkey, The Netherlands and Estonia.

At the seminar, advertising students learned through the case studies of famous international brands such as Porsche, Volvo, Coca-Cola, Converse, Anthon Berg, Smirnoff, Volkswagen and more.

There were video clips of commercials and brand campaigns for students to pick up the tools of the trade. Speakers that were on stage were UK-born Mark Tungate, Author & EPICA Awards Jury Coordinator from France, Mervyn Tendam, Founder & Creative Director of Achtung! from The Netherlands, Gamze Gurbuzatik, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant from Turkey and Hando Sinisalu, President & Founder of Best Marketing International from Estonia.

Mark Tungate shared insights on how to enhance brand awareness.

Each speaker shared in depth about the current digital media industry that is growing rapidly each day, and how it influences the current advertising trends. The One Academy advertising students learn to understand how it important their role is in today’s industry as it is their task to maintain the wave of digital communication into the real world.

Speaker, Mervyn Tendam shedding some light on how to create brand presence.

Hando Sinisalu, providing several case studies on understanding marketing strategies and how it improves brand positioning.

The One Academy students also learned from the several topics covered by the speak on how to understand the power of personalizing digital age experience and how these methods or evolved marketing strategies can transform brands, products and companies to keep at par with today’s trend.

According to the speakers, digital marketing have made possible for companies, brands and products to drive marketing relevance in our digital world; moving the brands towards a customer-centric & brand communication concept and allow them to engage in real-time responsive channels, which is commonly used in brand campaigns.

One of the speakers, Tungate, also mentioned that when it comes to selling a brand, there are certain elements that are quite popular and is proven to be effective in brand positioning, he said “You can’t go wrong with elements of children or pets/animals, it works every time!” He also added The One Academy students that when comes to story development, it is recommended to learn the art of embellishing a story or ‘skew the truth’.

Speaker, Gamze enlightening The One Academy students on how important it is to create video content as online video viewing has become an essential in digital consumer experience.

Another speaker, Gurbuzatik, shared several case studies on brand campaigns like Doritos; even though it was mostly in Turkish because of its target audience, however The One Academy advertising students still pick up some points and strategies on how to run a brand campaign. One of the videos shared by Gurbuzatik, showed that online video viewing has become an essential part of the digital consumer experience, which is why more and more brands are focusing on video content to create brand presence.

The One Academy students also picked up some “learnings” of the day that will help them understand how to enhance brand awareness; some of the pointers that students picked up was called ‘reaching for the stars’, it simply means reaching for quality even if your audience is niche, another was using digital communication to unite people in the real world, a tip shared by Tungate referring to a Coca-Cola campaign; and another advice includes ‘doing something different to create awareness, which meant that a great advertising idea does not necessarily be an advertisement.

The One Academy students gathering around Mark Tungate to get some in depth tips and questions answered.

Mervyn answering some questions by students on tips and pointers about brand positioning strategies.

The One Academy students are having a good time picking up points and learning together with their peers in a fruitful seminar session.

Finally, students also learned how to think their brands as characters because with a personality, they are able to create a brand that communicates with their target audience.

The One Academy students learned to incorporate new thinking on equipping themselves and their work or future projects with the dynamic digital age knowledge! The experts have certainly coupled well with The One Academy’s Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy, enabling students a chance to unravel global brand success secrets and learning how to merge digital marketing strategies with their up-to-date artistic talents!

The best of digital marketing seminar was fully-packed with The One Academy students, all eager to learn from the best!

The One Academy students take a group shot with speaker Gamze Gurbuzatik after their one-to-one Q&A session.