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The One Academy hosts “Art in Video Games”, a Ubisoft Singapore Art Exhibit
Updated 2014-04-01
‘Art in Video Games’ Ubisoft Singapore was held for the first time in Malaysia and was hosted by The One Academy at the art gallery.

The ‘Art in Video Games’ Ubisoft Singapore Art Exhibit was held for the first time in Malaysia from 13th March 2014 to 19th March 2014 by The One Academy at its art gallery. This is the second time that the art exhibit has been featured worldwide.

The ‘Art in Video Games’ exhibit premiered last November in Singapore. In a similar fashion, the exhibit held in Malaysia showcased 40 pieces of concept art, done by artists of Ubisoft Singapore’s studio, from two renowned games, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (AC4BF) and the free-to-play Ghost Recon Online. Both games are produced by Ubisoft, a top game developer and one of the largest independent game publishers in the world.

Professionals from the field are mingling around while they chat about the artworks featured on the walls of The One Academy Art Gallery.

The art exhibition aimed to celebrate the beautifully painted artworks from both popular games and provide a rare opportunity for the Malaysian public to gain insight on how they were developed by the Singapore studio’s art teams. Furthermore, it reflects the diversity and high quality of Ubisoft Singapore’s artistic production. The artworks and videos highlighted the scope of the studio’s work on the games. This ranges from the vast array of pirate activities and artwork on more than 10 different ships in AC4BF to the near-future military setting depicted in the AAA free-to-play shooter Ghost Recon Online. Much of the artwork is usually kept confidential due to the secrecy that surrounds Ubisoft’s projects. Thus, the art exhibit is also a chance for Ubisoft’s artists to gain public recognition for their accomplishments.

Mr. Olivier de Rotalier, Managing Director of Ubisoft Singapore gave an opening speech to commemorate the collaboration between The One Academy and Ubisoft.

Pivotal members of both the Ubisoft Singapore and The One Academy teams were there to support the exhibit. Those present to commemorate the event were the Managing Director of Ubisoft Singapore, Olivier de Rotalier, and the Managing Director & Principal of The One Academy, Tatsun Hoi. Also in attendance was the rest of the Ubisoft Singapore team, including Art Directors of AC4BF and Ghost Recon Online respectively, Mufizal Mokhtar and Felix Marlo Flor, and Ubisoft Singapore artists, JC Wong and Kobe Sek. Both Wong and Sek are also alumni members of The One Academy.

“We are very happy to have Ubisoft Singapore here with us today to give us the opportunity to host this art exhibit. It certainly inspires the students, the public, and not to forget other young future artists, to show them that they too can be part of the industry someday!” said Tatsun Hoi.

The art exhibit was well-received, especially among fans, gamers, young artists and even professionals in similar fields. Digital Animation students from The One Academy were equally excited by the opportunity to witness first-hand the original concept art works from their favourite video game titles. There were even some students who showed up at the event in Assassin’s Creed costumes to express their support!

Kobe Sek (left) and JC Wong (right), are graduates from The One Academy who are currently creative professionals at Ubisoft Singapore.

“It is a chance of a lifetime to be able to see these artworks in person! We are glad that Ubisoft Singapore decided to showcase it here at The One Academy,” said one enthusiastic digital animation student.

Commenting on the collaboration, Ubisoft Singapore’s Managing Director, Olivier de Rotalier said, “this event will be able to benefit the art students because it gives them a clearer perspective on what the industry is like and what they get to produce. We want these young students to know that they can be part of this opportunity as Ubisoft Singapore constantly seeks out for young talents, to train them and grow into professionals someday.” He also added that Ubisoft Singapore looks for artists with great artistic sense and who work well in teams. He highlighted that these two qualities are imperative to excelling in the growing game design field.

The exhibition also featured an hour long Live Drawing session organized by The One Academy and conducted by JC Wong at The One Academy Theatre Hall. The theatre was packed with students, professionals and members of the public who attended to witness the live demonstration of the artistic process in video games development. During the demonstration, there was also a Q&A session held concurrently in order to allow questions to be asked by the audience in real time. The Q&A session was a fruitful one; students and professionals from related fields asked wide-ranging questions related to careers in the game industry and art techniques.

Ubisoft Singapore artist, JC Wong, also The One Academy Illustration graduate conducting a live drawing demo session, demonstrating how an art work starts from scratch to finish.

Group photo of the Live drawing session audience and the Ubisoft Singapore team with The One Academy students & team.

The ‘Art in Video Games’ exhibit has not only brought together the fans of the games, but has also brought The One Academy and Ubisoft Singapore to a close partnership. As a result, this collaboration has further solidified The One Academy’s status as a leading institution that offers top quality courses recognized by numerous creative companies in the industry.

The One Academy and Ubisoft Singapore toast to the world class collaboration and to the success of the art exhibit event held FIRST TIME in Malaysia!