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Students Uncover the Beauty of Life
Updated 2013-10-16
The recently held photography sharing session by The One Academy witnessed students uncovered the beauty of life through photography from physically impaired yet determined photographer – Luke Chua Tze Kah.

A brief introduction about Luke Chua; Luke is a wheelchair user who suffered from spinal cord injury as a result of accidental fall since the age of 17. He picked up photography as a form of hobby to balance his athletic life 2 years ago and started researching online to learn more about photography before attending related courses along with buying his first DSLR camera.

Initially, Luke spent time observing on streets, while exploring shooting from different angles for instance macro, landscape and portrait using his DSLR. However, he soon realised his inability to master the concept of proportion and to combine different objects without disrupting the overall image, thanks to a close friend of his that highlighted to him.

In addition, Luke learnt that he needed to incorporate story-telling technique and aesthetic value in terms of composing quality pictures from other like-minded photographers. He steadily learnt about how to set the mood and building contrast when snapping pictures as well as persuading strangers to be photographed.

Being an art & design institution which advocates creative thinking, The One Academy constantly imbues students that they need to break out from established routines in order to create or discover something new. Luke emphasised that one need to continue of using different approaches to achieve different results. “Try experiment high angle and low angle shoots to know what effects it will bring and what sorts of elements are missing in the pictures,” quipped Luke.

As a street photographer, Luke advised students that it was instrumental to adopt continuous mode when shooting distance images and moving objects as one could also zoom in thus adjusting the shutter speed when necessary. He further shared with students that sometimes he would even view photos taken a week later just to allocate time for one to evaluate them in a more objective manner.

This exclusive sharing is just one of the many organised events that exemplifies The One Academy’s commitment in grooming young creative aspirants through opportunities to gain insights from industry expert in line with our “Masters Train Masters” teaching philosophy.