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Embrace Exposure And Challenges, Successful Designer Advised Juniors
Updated 2012-12-31
With plenty of experience, Seng Kai annotated to students what one may expect while working overseas.

Fresh graduates stepping into the ever-competitive creative industry for the first time might be shocked at the work culture, as workload and pressure is often heavier than expected. However, Multimedia Design graduate Lim Seng Kai encouraged students to face and overcome challenges head on, as that is the only way to establish oneself.

Lim Seng Kai elucidated that speed and quality are not only strongly emphasised in the creative industry, but often determines whether one can survive in this trade. Currently employed as a Lead Motion Graphic Designer in DMG Media, Beijing, Seng Kai opined that with ample time for assignments, students do not feel the pinch as experienced by professionals yet.

In a sharing session organised by The One Academy recently, Seng Kai who goes by the pseudonym KAISM stressed that designers should never shy away from challenges, or give in to pressure. Seng Kai once stayed in the office for a whole month without returning home, just to complete a 30 second motion graphic TVC. “The more we learn, the more competent we become.” Meeting datelines is of upmost importance, as in a small circle, bad news travels fast.

He also analysed to the audience the advantages of working overseas, above all a drastically wider exposure. With more international brands, and projects with vastly different criteria, the challenges designers face cannot be exaggerated. But so is the benefit designers derive from it. Citing his own experience, Seng Kai revealed that he was often requested to work from clients’ premise. Once accustomised to harsh conditions, his speed and quality of work wouldn’t be jeopardised by the external factors.

Answering to queries, Seng Kai said salary was not the ultimate incentive to work overseas, in contrast to exposure. He suggested it is better to join an agency with a lower salary, instead of an in-house design firm that pays more but lacks the kind of projects to push one’s limit. At times, designers might be tempted to go extra miles by voluntarily enriching the final product with better design elements. While there is nothing wrong about it, Seng Kai reminds young designers it is important to adhere to clients’ demands first. He also advised students to read widely, as inspirations most likely will emerge from such sources in time of need.

After working locally and internationally for six years, Seng Kai concured that the market-driven syllabus and practical coaching offered in The One Academy is a notch above the rest. The One Academy is delighted to invite successful graduates to share their experiences, as students may benefit mightily from such “Masters Train Masters” events. Besides getting a glimpse of the professional life, students are assured that the education here cultivates them to be emerging talents shining bright in the global creative arena.