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Comically Wins the Day
Updated 2011-08-04
TWO Illustration graduates recently won a place in the National Manga Competition, thanks to their doting lecturers who, before the graduation, submitted 10 students' comic drawings to comic competition which was part of their Manga class assignment.

Both graduates Wong Huai Lit and Chen Lee Sin captivated the judges with their strong independent style of comic illustration. Wong who won 2nd place prepared a 10-page short story which was meant to be a prologue to a longer comic series that he had in mind. "As a stand alone story, it consists of two things; mankind's insatiable draw to technology and its power, and the dangers of the pace of technology overtaking our moral responsibilities to our surroundings," explained the profound youth. The artwork took about three months to include script writing and completing the entire drawing. On the other hand, Chen who came in 3rd, won because of her unique comic style which was inspired by the dark genre animation 'Coraline'. Using her own character design signature, Chen's comic tells a short story about a little girl who woke up in a mysterious house and a doll beside her and later on discovers something strange. It was this competition that Chen learned how to brace herself to apply her own unique-style which led to a rewarding result.

It is an aspiring designer's or an artist's dream for their work to be recognized, and so Wong advices that perseverance and hard work is important because it does wonders for an artist and as a person. Both graduates are very thankful to the academy for the thorough training and practices that they’ve received from the professional lecturers. "I am currently working right now and my superior is impressed at the amount of ideas I am able to sketch in a day- I said, thanks to the training where I was required to practice sketching all the time," said Chen humbly. The One Academy has always placed priority in both skillset and work ethics throughout the programme. In a competitive design field, this training not only prepares students for the tough to come but it is to grant them an edge where most artists are not even aware about. This way, it would enable them to brace themselves and be well prepared as the challenges has no difference be it at the academy nor at the work force.