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Getting Cultural-Design Oriented
Updated 2012-09-12

Speaker Ser Shaw Hong shared an insightful knowledge entitled ‘Cultural-Oriented Design’. More than 60 over Advertising & Graphic Design students attended the sharing. They gained thorough understanding in the meaning of culture and how patterns of human activities can be a symbolic structure.

In line with The One Academy’s Idea Culture practice, this sharing aim to enable students to grasp the importance of maintaining an idea thinking philosophy in their work to complement their creative execution abilities.

Ser who has spent his last 10 years lecturing in design, arts and cultural studies for undergraduate and graduate levels, successfully delivered insight on culture design features. Ser is also an Assistant Professor & Programme Coordinator with UIC, Beijing Normal University- Hong Kong Baptist University (China).

During the sharing, students also learned how to extract cultural features into design elements, to create a significant end result. Cultural features often consist of language, religion, arts, customs, behavior and thoughts, and so on. Cultural features also come in 3 levels which are physical/ material culture, social/behavior culture and spiritual/ideal culture.

As a Graphic Designer, Ser mentioned that his/her role is to learn how to incorporate these features into a design work to produce an influential end product. “Society thus, creates a culture,” quips Ser. He also emphasized that it is good if a designer does a lot of research, as this would enhance a graphic designer’s ability to create a visual design to communicate with consumers.

He also elucidated further touching on topics about cross-cultural designs, while showing students case studies to studies on packaging design incorporated with Indonesian-batik designs, Porcelain wares with Korean culture designs and even our local Petronas Twin Tower inspired by Islamic geometric patterns. With this, Ser explained that society often give value to an object, product or an activity, which becomes part of our hierarchy of needs.

Part of The One Academy’s coaching approach is the ‘Masters Train Masters’ methodology; not only does it provide the chance for students to realize their creative potential, but also a chance to learn from a professional speaker who is knowledgeable in the art of cultural oriented designs.