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Art & Design Students Visualizes Their Success
Updated 2012-06-08

Through a motivational talk entitled ‘How to Create the Results You Want’, students learned to harness their mind-power to self programme their future achievements with Ruth Ooi, a Certified Motivational Coach & Trainer from the Self Mastery Learning Centre.

Success is achieved not just by effort but through positivity too. Just like creativity, success can be visualized and can be made real so that one may reach a certain goal or objective in life or career. The One Academy advertising & graphic design students were greeted by their vibrant speaker, Ruth Ooi who shared her success story on how she came to be a motivational speaker and the youths that she has helped.

During the tranquilizing session, the students learned to understand the importance of maintaining a positive mind. Students also learned how to transcend their thoughts into achieving success, happiness, health and wealth in life, studies and career. Students may create any result they want by using their mind power but first by developing a positive relationship with themselves.

The students underwent a practical session where Ruth conducted an exercise to demonstrate her explanations. The session was called the Busy Body session, a self acceptance exercise where participants are required to shake hands with the person next to them while proclaiming their traits, for example; “I am Creative” or “I am Funny”.

Other topics also include an explanation on how the mind works and the balance between the left and right brain. Ruth introduced a topic called Alpha Brain Waves; a practice that allows one self into an Alpha state. Students learned how to do a light meditation exercise through Ruth’s guidance. They acquired the basic 3-step visualization technique and also Creative Visualization which involves drawing and painting. Through the sharing, students also learned that one of the basic examples of maintaining positivity is to disregard any doubts or worries that come to mind.

Most of Ruth Ooi’s methods were derived from the renowned Born Rich Master Coach Programme by famous author, Bob Proctor of ‘You Were Born Rich’ book. It is a programme which uses a unique combination of (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programme, utilizing Bob Proctor’s magical ‘Slickperson Concept’ and the renowned knowledge of the ‘Universal Laws of Quantum Physics’ to help people achieve great success. The session that has been conducted by Ruth is not only suitable for today’s 21st Century society but also for The One Academy result-oriented students who are geared up to achieve creative international success.

The session was an interesting one as Ruth was determined to help The One Academy students just like she has helped many young cancer patients at the University Hospital and counseled drug involved youths at the Home Schooling Alpha Omega Programme. With such exemplifying example, The One Academy students are eager not just to learn more about Ruth’s mastery of self methods, but to apply them to transform into an influential creative master who stands at the forefront of the booming creative industry.