Rookies Awards 2019
Updated 2019-09-19

The Rookies had recently announced the winners of the Rookies World School Rankings 2019, and we are proud to reveal our accomplishments this year! The One Academy has attained the rank of World’s No. 1 Best Concept Art & Illustration School. This achievement is a monumental breakthrough as it is a first for Malaysia. In addition to that prestigious title, The One Academy also ranked World’s No. 4 Best Architectural Visualisation School, World’s No. 4 Best 3D Motion Graphics School and World’s No. 10 Best Game Design School. These glorious accomplishments could not have been possible without the immense talents and efforts of our students and academic teams.

Regarded as the world’s most respected rankings for educational facilities that prepare artists for careers in creative media and entertainment industries, the rankings are based on the quality and performance of student work submitted to the Rookie Awards 2019. This year, the awards saw 3,548 entries from over 500 academic facilities across 89 countries, competed for the coveted School of the Year titles.

The rankings are broken down into six categories: Best 3D Motion Graphics Schools, Best Animation Schools, Best Architectural Visualisation Schools, Best Concept Art & Illustration Schools, Best Game Design Schools & Best Visual Effects Schools. The student winners were selected by the official Judging Panel featuring an impressive line-up of over 120 highly influential and respected industry experts from around the world, including Oscar winners and agency founders. The criteria on scoring included creative skills, technical skills, presentation, complexity, raw talent, variety of skills, and employment potential.

The Rookie Awards is open to all amateurs from students, recent graduates and self-taught artists who are trying to break into the creative media and entertainment industry. Its goal is to encourage and motivate artists to share their work, helping build their confidence and find out how their skills stack up against other artists around the world. Each entrant is awarded an official ranking and badge that are highly recommended to be displayed on their website or LinkedIn profile to add a level of professionalism and industry respect.

Having competed for the ‘Rookie of the Year’ title, Meryl Lee Yen Yen, a Digital Media Design student of The One Academy also scooped the People’s Choice Award. Her entry titled “A Tour Into The Past” won in the Immersive Media category, featuring a 19th century VR experience tour of the Penang Peranakan Mansion Museum, created with 3D modelling and coding in Unity.

“Just be proud of your own work and give it your all. All those sleepless nights and hard work won’t be in vain. As a person who had low hopes about winning anything, I just tried my luck. Don’t be scared to share your work to the world even if you think that it’s mediocre. You’ll never know what could happen,” she said in advice.

The One Academy always encourages students to go above and beyond by partaking in various competitions to showcase their talents, boost their confidence and gain valuable experience.

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