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Digital Animation is the process of creating moving, animated visuals using computer programmes. It is about bringing static images and objects to life through visuals, movement, expression and personality. In our 3-year Digital Animation Programme, we offer courses that introduce students to all the essentials skillset that are needed in the creation of animation content.

This 3-year programme is designed to groom students to develop their creative and artistic senses, foster their own ingenious techniques, build their portfolios and reels by instilling various skills that fits the animation industry’s requirement. The course focuses on the 3D aspect of animation production, whilst also teaching other traditional crafts on the side to help build a strong foundation. Courses will be taught by professional mentors in an industry-oriented environment to help them gain invaluable insight from top industry leaders. Students are also introduced to multiple paths that the animation industry travels upon while learning all the vital skillset during our program.

Towards the end of the program, students will be able to apply all their learnings and skills into creating a full 3D animated short film as their Final Project before graduation, which prepares and leads them to thrive in their chosen career.


This course is available at both the Sunway and Penang campuses.


We have three intakes during January, April and August.


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