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Students Brought Characters to Life at Story-telling & Narrative Masterclass & Workshop
Updated 2012-06-08

Aspiring entertainment art students learned how to capture the dynamics of story-telling and character building from renowned Story Editor & Senior Writer, Peter Saisselin and Myrna Gawryn, professional Choreographer.

The week-long event was jointly organized by The One Academy and leading animation establishment Gobelins from France who invited both speakers to teach participants on character visual description building and character development. The event was held in line with the academy’s ‘Masters Train Masters’ coaching philosophy, featuring Peter Saisselin who has worked on several Hollywood films, popular television series and animation films and Myrna Gawryn, an expert choreographer in film, theatre, television and animation performance. The successful event delivered the knowledge in story-telling process and how it can be applied in the wide creative field whether as an animator, designer, artist, writer, or director and so on.

Students analyzed films, storylines & actors’ acting skills while Saisselin shared camera angles walkthroughs & how-to’s on character performance. Students also expanded their knowledge in characterization by Gawryn when she conducted a physical exercise session where students are required to move & sense their limbs, joints and muscles. This would enable them to create an influential and believable character, especially in animation.

Participants also received tips on how to improve their storylines during critic session “It is important to produce original and creative work” advised Saisselin and Gawryn on originality. Both speakers said that the sharing would help participants understand and recognize the areas that they need to improve on in order to expand themselves in the wide creative field. With an objective to continuously motivate aspiring design students to move forward, The One Academy maintains in providing the best knowledge with its philosophy of ‘No Empty Promises, Just World-Class Results’. Hence, The One Academy provides learning opportunities like the Story-Telling and Narrative Masterclass & Workshop through proactive collaborations to train future masters.