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Are You Living Your Dreams?
Updated 2012-06-08

Have you ever wondered how your life would be if you start realizing your dreams regardless of how crazy, silly or even bizarre they may sound? The One Academy was privileged to invite Cagri Cankaya as guest speaker for the recently held talk in the hope of inspiring students to pursue their aspirations in the creative art & design industry.

Cagri Cankaya is a multi disciplinary art director and illustrator from Turkey whose works have been featured in numerous design magazines, books, portals, workshops and competitions around the world. This well known Istanbul based creative artist has worked for companies of diverse backgrounds ranging from graphic design, software games development, magazine publications to advertising agencies. Besides designing, he is also an avid blogger, gamer, traveler, photographer, advertiser, editor and music lover.

Having worked in the field of creative art & design for more than 10 years, Cagri began to re-think thus explore the possibility of whether he could actually combine his true passions i.e. design and travel in the journey of searching for a more meaningful life. He initiated the concept of Designer On The Road in mind which aimed at travelling around the world without much money in hand whilst working for companies along the way. However, it took him a year of contemplation and constant self battle to finally gather the courage plus determination to kick start his new found project.

Embarking on a world trip with minimal financial assistance provides a unique opportunity for Cagri to showcase his talent as he will be earning a living with his own skills and experiences as a designer. “I started to plan my route by sending out over 1400 emails to companies worldwide in search for potential design project opportunities,” Cagri commented. He proceeded to plan by coordinating itinerary and applying for visas to countries which provided positive feedback to his request of working with them.

Cagri had since spent almost a year in Asia working with various companies across exotic locations such as Mumbai, Ho Chi Minh City, Chiangmai, Seoul, Beijing, Bali, Kuala Lumpur plus the upcoming projects in Colombo and Dubai. “I’ll usually allocate 2 – 5 weeks when working on design project with a company in each country,” Cagri added. Apart from Asia, he also plans working in Europe or South America in the future.

During the hour long talk, Cagri shared insights and tricks based on the experience of working with countless number of small startups as well as internationally acclaimed clients e.g. Burger King, HP, Alfa Romeo, Danone, ING Bank, Papia and so on. He highlighted the common issues for instance, miscommunication and cultural differences encountered throughout his working experiences. “It is always important to relate your design works with local culture and beliefs in convincing your clients,” quip Cagri. He recalled developing brand names for an ad campaign he participated in Bali that inspired him to incorporate local colloquial – Sing Ken Ken which means ‘No Worries’ in Balinese as tagline in drawing attention of target audience.

Do It Now Not Later is the driving force that motivates him to be adventurous and not afraid of doing something different in bringing ideas into life. “Dare to take risks will help you to be more flexible when formulating new ideas,” Cagri highlighted. Being a leading role themselves in providing an excellent creative design education, The One Academy strongly believes that talk like this motivates students to think out of the box when producing designs that will leave a lasting impression.