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Aspiring Designers Learning from Professional Industry Gurus
Updated 2012-06-08

The One Academy degree students recently attended a 2-hour sharing of receiving exclusive insights from industry professionals to aid their upcoming degree portfolio project. These industry professionals came to share their experience with the students on what it’s like to be employed in the creative industry.

Citing examples of a profession such as the role of an account manager, students were delivered first-hand knowledge on the job description and job expectation entailed. Students learned further about the working environment in account servicing industry, and understood that maintaining a communication that nurtures clientele relationship and possess good negotiation skills are part of the requirements of the job, besides learning to develop self-responsibility through ownership of their works. They also gain better understanding on the challenges that comes with the job,

Banshee Creative, an independent creative studio in Malaysia, was one of the industry guest speakers that were invited by The One Academy to share about their passion as a creative entrepreneur through the incredible works they have done. They advised the students to make good use of social networking channels, keep their portfolios updated, know what their resources (skills) are, and be willing to share them with others who are also learning to advance their skills like them.

Comic book penciller Sheldon Goh gave students a walk-through on the making of a comic book page, its working pipeline and process as well as sharing the works he have done for big clients such as Hasbro, Inc. “Learn new tools and techniques that will lead you to the efficiency of your workflow and ahead of your competitors. Meet your deadline, because if you can’t, it simply means you’re not reliable,” he said.

At the end of the sharing session, students had the opportunity to showcase their portfolios to the industry professionals, a valuable moment for them to get constructive feedbacks that will provide an edge to their current portfolio project. Thanks to The One Academy’s relentless effort in providing world class creative education, its career-ready students are able to shine to greater heights of creativity even before they graduate!