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Creative Ad Experts Sought for Insights
Updated 2010-12-14
The One Academy advertising & graphic designs students were in luck to chance upon the opportunity to gain further insights from Leo Burnett Malaysia Creative Director Tan Yew Leong at the recent Digital Boot Camp: Unlucky thinking vs. Lucky thinking.

More than 20 years of experience in the creative industry has certainly does wonders for Tan, who encourages the students to look out for opportunity when working on an advertising brand that can be integrated with the latest technology. Luck is about creating opportunity, he said.

" Unlucky thinking is the assumption that we could work well if we have clients with such and such criteria or when we have a bigger budget. Lucky thinking is about seizing the chance to get into the new territory and how can we use what is already there, looking for ways to turn a boring project into the next most exciting thing!" he said.

Bridging the importance of having a positive mentality at work is a brand consultant from Yellow Thumbprint Wong Chee Chung, who takes on the enthusiastic approach on how a brand is created and sustained itself in the market through his sharing to the students, titled 'Simple and practical branding'.

" Customers buy certain brand because it portrays their trust and confidence towards the name of the product they’re buying. Branding is about being wanted and how it makes a customer feel respected, have ownership of the product and a complete user experience," said Wong, explaining to the students the concept of creating a brand.

Yet another advertising maestro himself, Wong has 20 years of experience in branding and advertising, including serving at leading international agencies and worked with some of the great creative directors in Asia.

" Creativity is about finding the quickest, unique method to solve a problem. And in order to solve a problem, we need to know how to 'start' an idea instead of thinking it instead," Wong said that creative talent can be nurtured when we train up our skills to become a system through the right method of structuring and techniques. " Have a system to evaluate your ideas and try to get clients to be more objective of your work," he advises the students, who listened intently to his sharing.