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Swept 8 Awards in Short Flim Making
Updated 2010-09-21
Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta 2010 gave Malaysia's future film makers a chance to live and breathe success! The name of the winners who swept away 8 best awards was proudly announced as The One Academy has once again proves themselves as one of the leading art and design institution with world class results!

Tan Wei Peow who is talented in Multimedia Design aspires in the short film-making field. During the Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta 2010 Prize Presentation, Tan and his teammates; Chia Kah Rou, Patrick Chua Poh Di, Ong Jeng Chyuan and Aurelia Liu Mei Ying celebrated over his entry entitled 'Difference of Similarity' of the Semi Pro Category for winning Best Script, Best Sound, Best Editing and Best Cinematography awards. Tan and his team made the video to emphasize the meaning of ONE MALAYSIA and to highlight the issues faced by interracial families & children by researching with friends of mix parentage for his script which concerns matters such as cultural differences, racial segregation and stereotypes of society. Tan cheered upon his accomplishment in creating a video for our culturally diverse country.

"The two P’s that would bring you far in this field is Passion and Patience,” said Tan, from a semi pro's point of view. "Of course as an aspirant, having a good eye is as important as developing the skill in cinematography," he added humbly.

For the Student Category, Digital Animation students seized the chance to be part of the success! The Best Short Film, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Script awards went to 'The Message' by Jackson Tang Ka Shuin and his team; Chang Wing Chyuan, Chong Chau Juinn and Chong Ru Jean. Also inspired by our country’s diversity, the video showed how two different races cooperated towards being ONE MALAYSIA. Jackson and his team dealt with many challenging situations that became an invaluable experience during filming. "We had to balance our college assignments and the submission for this competition; it certainly has taught us time management," said the team.

Jackson and his unique group expressed that anyone can achieve in anything they wish to pursue in as long as there is good time management. "We sacrificed a lot in this project; but the sacrifices were not extreme instead they were reasonable enough to put us through diligence to earn our awards," the team smiled with satisfaction. "As a student, never compare yourself with your peers, but compare yourself with the industry," advised Jackson. Indeed this is the product of The One Academy, guiding them endless with industry-teaching approach that ensures its students to produce world-class quality content that is eligible to be placed with the professionals in the field.