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A Winning Award for International Challenge
Updated 2010-09-21
In a recent event in Guiyang, Guizhou, China; the 2010 Asian-Pacific Animation & Comics Contest (2010 AYACC) was held. The annual event that has been on-going for 3 years, hopes to expand its participation in
the growing culture in China's creative industry.

The One Academy encouraged its students to challenge artistically at international standard- setting a higher benchmark for youths to increase their artistic skill level. It was an honour for Chen Hui Yen & Florence Bong from Illustration course to compete globally where their entries were evaluated by appointed judges from countries such as China, Russia, Istanbul, Australia and Singapore; also professionally varied from deans & professors of renowned fine arts academies & institutions, media & broadcasting, published artists, producers and more.

Challenged under the Comic category, an expressive disaster piece entitled 'Care' by Chen Hui Yen was awarded Best Student Work. Chen once won champion at a local online art forum challenge has created a disaster piece on earthquake portrayed a little boy who lost his parents in a disaster; looked upon a puddle of blood which showed his loving parents in its reflection, reflecting his tragic loss.

Chen believes in thorough research and lots of observations as an inspiration to his work. He said that a good artist must be able to encode a significant message in piece of art to change lives. Chen is impressed by the coordination of the syllabuses and the experienced lecturers from the industry.

The 2010 AYACC has even rewarded Florence Bong, another illustration-student from the academy for her effort entitled 'Final'. Bong received the Jury Prize / Encouragement of the New Generation Award (评委会奖暨鼓励新一代奖) also under the Comics Category. Bong's artwork contained a metaphoric piece; based on her comic creation, her artwork depicts a story of a little boy who is the spirit of an old clock who lost his memory after his owner abandoned the clock.

Bong is grateful for the lecturers' endless encouragement offered by lecturers to compete locally and internationally. Thanks to her lecturers, Bong is motivated to improve her skills and challenge again soon. Her education in the academy provided her with skill-base training that has helped her marked a beginning in improving creatively. The One Academy serves only one purpose; to nurture its students to be at international standard. Truly a world-class result!