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Sculpting For A 'Greener' Environment
Updated 2010-08-13
In a recent Antalis Paper Fantasy event organised by leading paper manufacture Antalis Malaysia, various artists from all over Malaysia were invited to contribute their creativity and display their paper sculptures for the event, including two groups of budding designer students from The One Academy.

Lee Joe Jian, Chua Kwee Shen and Jason Voon submitted their tree sculpture artwork Foliage Flux, which represent the motion of leaves and flowers. "Instead of just making a tree with a cluster of leaves supported with a trunk, we try to interpret the tree in another way round, showing the flowing movement of the flowers and leaves," said Joe Jian.

"Our rationale for the tree sculpture we created is that every tree has its flows; the 'flow' of flower and the 'flow' of leaves. We emphasise the whole idea of 'flow' into our tree sculpture by exaggerating the clusters of leaves (represented by the cubes) and the paper flowers."

A tree sculpture 'Source of Live' was created by yet another group of students from The One Academy. For Law Jiun Bao, Colin Chan and Chan Gen Yew, this was their first time participating in the event and upon finding the 'green' concept interesting, the trio agreed to take on the challenge to sculpt a paper-made tree.

According to them, working on this project has giving them the opportunity to be placed at a higher level of creative education learning, which trained them in sharpening their skills and widen their artistic mindset.

The Antalis Paper Fantasy exhibition showcases a wide variety of paper stocks available and that recycled paper is not necessarily just the rough brown paper that many are accustomed to. The event aims to educate the public on 'green' paper which, apart from recycled paper, also includes papers manufactured under 'green' requirements with renewable energy and resources.