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Colouring The Future of Budding Comic Artists
Updated 2010-08-13
A one-day Malaysia Mandarin Comics Society (MMCS) 1st Anniversary Comics Forum was held at TOA to inspire the students. The enlightening comic forum that featured more than 10 comic experts and professionals hailed from the local comics industry, was organised by TOA Illustration Department.

Students were given an overview on MMCS's effort to uplift the local comic scene since the society's establishment. Through the presentation, students get an up-close knowledge on how MMCS was established and how it has contributed to promoting the comic culture in Malaysia.

President of MMCS, Eddie See, Chai Tian Fatt, James Lu, Redcode, Tan Kheng Seng, and Nerv are among the seasoned comic artists invited to the forum to exchange their professional views and opinions on how Malaysia comics industry would evolve to benefit the younger generation of aspiring artists.

According to the comic pioneers, the future of children-based comics and Malaysia's children comic market has a higher potential to grow as compared to other Asian countries like China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In a forum titled 'Acquired Skills of A Professional Comic Artist', comic authors Michael Chuah, Aliow & Totoro and Magic Kid shared about the importance of storytelling and observation skills, how to get inspiration and prepare themselves for the professional life of a comic artist.

"A comic artist must be highly knowledgeable as they basically create everything from bits and pieces of imagination and observation. Hence, constant reading and researching is crucial," said Michael.

During the second session of the forum, students learned from the speakers about their industry experiences, having offered further exposure on the know hows’ of comic publishing, its challenges and more. Comic editor of Comic King, Chin Sau Lim, Gilamon founder, Lefty, and chief editor of Man Tou, Ivan Gun, also attended the forum to share about the submission guidelines of artworks to giant comic publishers like DC Comics and the censorships issue involved in comic publishing.

Students who participated in the forum were excited to learn the prospects of comic industry and how vast the comic market is in Malaysia. They took the opportunity during the question and answer session to ask the experts further, before the event ended with a fun autograph session among the comic professionals and comic enthusiast students.