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Rising Art Director Shares His Take on Success
Updated 2010-08-13
Close to ten years after he received his Diploma in Advertising & Graphic Design from The One Academy, graduate Douglas Goh survived the advertising world and returns to his alma mater to share his creative journey in the industry.

The graduating students were among the audience thrilled to find out what Douglas, now a senior art director of one of world's leading advertising agency McCann Erikson Malaysia, has to share back home where his passion for advertising lies.

With several international creative awards tucked under his belt won from advertising award festivals around the world such as Cannes Advertising Festivals in France, The One Show Advertising Awards in New York, Australasian Advertising Awards and not forgetting Malaysia’s Kancil Awards Festival, Douglas carries a versatile portfolio to his name ranging from automotive to telecommunications and FMCG industry.

His seminar 'Thank God for Art Direction' which lasted more than an hour inspires the students to explore beyond the conventional 'Think out of the box' as well as understanding the fundamental role of an art director and how team work is important in leading a creative team to execute well on their job performance.

According to Douglas, a good art director is likened to a piece of sponge. "An art director needs to be able to absorb every observation he finds because every idea is possible," he said, stressing on its importance during brainstorming sessions.

Students were encouraged not to leave their ideas for granted, no matter how impractical it may seemed at first as it may prove to be useful in future, as demonstrated by Douglas through his award-winning past works. He also advised the students to ensure that not only the direction of the idea and concept has to be fresh, relevant and logic, but cultural sensitivity needs to be taken into consideration as well.