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Designing a Successful Life
Updated 2010-07-13
Students had a one-time opportunity to meet and greet with Malaysia's award-winning leading training consultant Dato' Lawrence Chan recently in a one-day sharing seminar cum workshop organised by Personal Development Leadership (PDL) Corporation.

The first year students gathered under one roof to gain an exclusive insight from the professional coach in person on ways to build a result-oriented life in the creative world through skill application, motivational activities and personal development programmes that was arranged for the students.

The workshop entitled 'Designing and building a successful life' is designed to encourage and inspire students to lead their future towards a successful path that will enrich their learning experience, both academically and in their personal lives.

One of its aims was to promote a continuous improvement and growth among students, instilling right mental attitudes that will enable them to be successful in study and life as well as nurturing the outstanding qualities of a leader.

At the seminar, students learned how to tap into their creative potential, to identify both their good qualities and shortcomings while strive to give their best and perform with excellence during their years of study.

Personal Development Leadership (PDL) Management Corporation (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has been established for over 35 years in consultancy industry, founded by Dato' Lawrence Chan as its executive chairman. Being the first and only Asian certified speaking professional (CSP) award-winning training consultant, his recognised expertise is in leadership, team-building, motivation, peak performance, value-added management skills, communication skills, studying skills and strategies, among others.

Prior to the PDL workshop, there is also a seminar conducted by The One Academy principal Tatsun Hoi where he relates his experience of the industry, the essential know-hows', and how students should seize the opportunity during their youth to soar to greater heights.