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A Creativity Tailored by The One Academy
Updated 2010-07-13
Digital Animation graduate in 2004, Kim Leow joined a local animation company and pursued her studies at Sheridan College, Canada, and directed her first short film 'Emily'.

Kim Leow received her diploma and landed her first job in Moon FX; a local animation company located in Kuala Lumpur and worked as a Junior Animator. In a year, she gained experience in computer graphics skills and later on, Kim majored in Character Animation in Sheridan College and directed her first minute long-computer generated short film 'Emily'.

Short film 'Emily' won numerous recognition and award, including screening at the 2009 Asia Siggraph, Singapore and Melbourne International Animation Festival. 'Emily' was part of her Character Animation programme which Kim used an expressive character with dark humour genre to bring out the character, based on her research and depiction inspired by Tim Burton's 'Vincent' piece. In this case, Kim felt strongly that it was an advantage to have work experience before pursuing her studies.

After Sheridan, Kim joined TOPIX; a Toronto based Animation Company and served as a 3D animator. Being part of an international company tailored her creative and technical skills in designing characters and animation while working closely with the team. Here, Kim was allowed to juggle designing characters and animate for commercial work.

Kim shared that it is good to improve your skills and develop extra experiences that can help you stand out. "Good personality, education and extra skills & knowledge under your belt will come in handy for you." The One Academy has motivated Kim as lecturers are always encouraging their students to search for their specialty from within and always practice their skills. Kim chose Digital Animation, despite having any computer experience, she diligently seek advice from lecturers which kept her going until her final year. By then, The One Academy gave Kim a lot of insight in her capabilities. "I believe the academy has shaped the technicalities in me which led me to be able to create my own style in art."

For those who share the same passion as Kim, these are Kim's words of wisdom for the fellow students of The One Academy. "Be passionate in what you're doing and update yourself with latest works in the industry. Blog your creations and market your strength as an individual artist. Be nice and humble to others, be it locally or internationally, as they might lead you to your future job."