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Young Malaysian Contributes Talent to Avatar and 2012, Malaysia Boleh
Updated 2010-04-29
The One Academy always produce high-flying graduates who are ready to seize international-standard opportunities. It is youths like Malaysia-born Ng Chun Seong who is a Modeler at Hydraulx, a CG studio in Santa Monica, California who serve as examples to aspiring creative talents at TOA to reach the same goal.

Chun Seong graduated with a Diploma in Digital Animation at The One Academy and later pursued a Masters of Art in Animation at Savannah College of Art & Design, one of the academy's affiliated universities in the United States. After succeeding in his training, he embarked on his creative journey into Hollywood's special effects industry and was involved in award-winning projects such as X-men Origins: Wolverine, 2012, Avatar and a commercial for Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles.

Nurtured at The One Academy, Chun Seong's artwork was selected to win in the field of computer graphics, such as CG Arena, CG and His professional contribution to an Oscar-winning film was recognized as his best achievement in visual effects. His jaw-dropping portfolio has taken him far in the international industry. Chun Seong describes the most crucial part of the art process is the 'idea'. The core of an idea should be inspiring, motivating and best developed when one observes one's surroundings. To create a 'solid idea', Chun Seong sketches the basic form, constructs the framing, models it in 3D and then develops it in a 3D sculpting package.

"During The One Academy days, my lecturers exposed me to new ideas which pushed me to reach beyond limits. I am grateful to them because I learned that artists have to be unique and creative to stand out from the crowd. There's no point repeating what others have created or done. I practiced this; today I view myself as a person with my own thoughts and not a copycat." The talented young local boy handles challenging tasks while maintaining strong willpower and determination.

Besides being creative, he believes that having the right mindset would bring forth one’s self. "To be successful in the creative art and design field, one must be mentally tough to handle the stress, demands and even failure. With strong will and determination, anyone can endure the whole art process as it provides patience to solve problems and the ability to communicate effectively with your teammates and clients,” Chun Seong says encouragingly as he shares that this is part of the essential criteria a young designer needs in order to survive in the industry.

The One Academy believes many can soar as high as Chun Seong has. The academy doesn’t just promise, but assures world-class results for each and every one of our students. We build the bridge to success for those who are ready to seize international standard opportunities.