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Into the World of an International Film and Game Professional Concept Artist
Updated 2022-07-14

Step into the creative world of Eduardo Peña, an international film and game professional concept artist who has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the film industry. His recent sharing in the Virtual International Design and Creative Masterclass made a huge impact on secondary school students and students of the academy. Not only was it an engaging session, it was eye opening as well.

Joining the live video conference from Singapore, Eduardo Peña talked about his journey as a concept artist and the amazing, iconic movies he worked on over the years like Pacific Rim: Uprising, Star Wars, The Hobbit, Avengers, Deadpool 2, Ready Player One and many more. The entire session revolved around all the different jobs and roles he took on as a concept artist.

Presenting for the Illustration segment, he shared with the audience his experience in being a concept artist for the 2016 film, The Great Wall. He had to create illustrations encompassing different scenes throughout the entire movie. Creating key-frames to stimulate the director’s imagination, illustrating scenes from the script as well as transforming words and descriptions into expressive illustrations. “Sometimes when you read a movie script they’re just words and there is so many ways to imagine it. Our job is to capture that imagination and turn it into a cinematic frame.” He explained to the audience the vital role concept artists play in the pre-production stage of filmmaking.

International Design and Creative Masterclass

It does not just end there, a future in the film industry is just the tip of the iceberg for concept artists. He further explained that as concept artists, there are so many other opportunities to venture into. He proceeded to share with the audience his experience in creating visuals of locations for Disneyland’s Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge theme park. He had to incorporate characters and environments that would look like scenes from the Star Wars movie and upon approval of these illustration designs, Disney would bring these creations to life in their Star Wars theme park.

He went on to share more in-depth insight on other career paths concept artists can take on. He mentioned working on the Avengers Virtual Reality game where he designed visuals that would help create user experience. With every project he has taken on throughout the years of his career, there is always something new and exciting that comes his way. The possibilities for concept artists are endless and based on Eduardo’s sharing, it is proven to be right.

International Design and Creative Masterclass

“The attitude of a concept artist is you have to be the beacon of inspiration, and light for everyone involved in a project. You have to bring that inspiration and energy into the room, give them invitation passes into the world you are creating,” he explained the true meaning behind being a concept artist. On that note, Eduardo wrapped up his insightful session with the students. Attendees left the talk feeling truly inspired to take on the creative world.