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Promoting National Youth Spirit through Creative Logo Design
Updated 2010-03-18
In conjunction with rebranding and anniversary celebration, the Young Malaysians Movement (Y.M.M.) organization collaborated with TOA to organize a logo design competition in search of a new logo for Y.M.M. and its 50th Anniversary, with the ideology and mission to nurture youths to excel and serve the community.

The competition was opened to only Batch 78 Advertising students as part of the students' Corporate Identity 2 & Brand Communication subject. Students were given the opportunity to experience designing a new corporate identity for a legitimate organization as this would give them a taste of hands-on project request from a prestigious client.

Participants were required to design a significant logo as its aim is to portray the modern youth's vibrancy, confidence and its friendly service organization. This collaboration seeks out new talent to create a new Y.M.M. logo design that brings forth the two important aspect of the organization: Cultural Aspect & Professionalism and requires bold & vibrant colours in its 50th Anniversary logo to represent its growth.

The award ceremony was held on The One Academy premise with the Y.M.M Board of Directors present during the ceremony. Presenting the awards were Vice President and Chairman of F. Territory, Mr. Tan Pei Leong, along with Executive Secretary of Y.M.M., Ms. Catherine. 1st prize winner of Y.M.M. Logo & its 50th Anniversary Logo Design was Yapp Tze Thong and 2nd Prize of the same category went to Wong Shu Lian. Phua Sweu Huei took home the 3rd prize for the Y.M.M. Logo Design whereas the 3rd prize of 50th Anniversary Logo Design was won by Ean Jay Chan Wai Kit.