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Creative Guru Ronald Ng Explains Why ‘You’ll Never Be Ready for Anything’
Updated 2021-06-15

Global CCO of MRM//McCann Worldgroup USA, Ronald Ng was invited to be one of the speakers of The One Academy’s recent Virtual International Masterclass and he wow-ed the audience with his spectacular sharing.

Ronald’s session, titled ‘You Will Never Be Ready for Anything’ kicked off with him highlighting his journey going from a local creative to a renowned international creative. Likening the audience to himself in his younger years, he admitted to feeling a little confused about which career path to pursue and what the future had in store for him.

“You’ll never be ready for anything, it may seem like such simple six words but this is what pushed me to go forward despite all uncertainty”, said Ronald. He explained that the process of conquering the advertising industry is not something one can get accomplish merely by reading from the books, but rather it is the passion, hunger, and drive to be different from everyone else that fuels individuals to success.

A proud ‘kampung’ boy, Ronald shared a little on his upbringing in Malaysia and how he was fully immersed in the culture here. Despite living abroad for many years, Ronald proudly stated how he still speaks like a Malaysian and has never felt the need to adopt a Western slang. He emphasised the importance of staying true to your roots and never succumbing to the pressure to change or conform to fit society’s standards. “Be very proud of where you are from because what the industry needs is diversity, and diversity comes in many forms. Bring what you are made of to the table.”, he advised.

A self-proclaimed ‘college nomad’, he recounted of how he wanted to get into film directing, hairdressing, law, psychology, sociology and business administration. However, most of these did not work out. He ventured into the advertising and broadcasting field as he felt it suited more with his character and personality. Returning to Malaysia as an advertising graduate, Ronald began looking for a job. However, the pathway to success is not known to be smooth sailing and true enough, he faced his own fair share of challenges. “I must have gone for 25,30 interviews and everything I heard from all Creative Directors was a NO,” he recalled. Finally, he was taken in by JWT where he started off as a junior copywriter. He then went on to build a phenomenal career in this exciting field.

Ronald stressed on the importance of bouncing back after getting rejected as often times this is what helps you to improve and become a better version of yourself. His sharing continued with him highlighting strong campaigns and advertisements he worked on throughout his time in the industry. “You don’t compete by doing the same things and trying to do the same things better, you compete by doing new things that no one else is doing”, said Ronald.

He expressed that no matter how successful you get, there is no replacement for hard work. Especially in a tough industry like advertising, you need a certain level of hard work to get to where you want to be. Another point he shared on was the importance of being in touch with technology, trends and more citing the campaign ‘World Under Water’ as a key example. “It was a lesson for me that creativity wasn’t just about art directing and copywriting, it was about technology and data and the account team working together”, said Ronald.

He went on to share more in-depth insight about the advertising industry and imparted key advice to the audience. “Push for greatness to be successful and passion trumps everything”, advised Ronald. He asserted the importance of loving the industry as that will make the journey much more fun and inspiring. The masterclass wrapped up with a Q&A session where the audience were able to ask Ronald their burning questions. Attendees left the talk feeling more inspired to make their creative dreams a reality.

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