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Saving the World One Design at a Time
Updated 2021-06-07

Meet the Digital Warriors of BDMD1705 – 13 skilled designers soon-to-be graduating from BA (Hons) Digital Media Design! With ample training and broad expertise gained during their time at The One Academy, they are now ready to take on the challenge of defeating the B.A.D.s (boring, abominable designs) and save the world!

Step into nostalgia with their virtual graduation exhibition inspired by the ‘90s era games. These design heroes transform themselves into “digital warriors” who defeat “monsters” of creative problems that stand in the way of their path into the digital design industry. Armed with funky, catchy music and eye-catching pixelated graphics, walking through this exhibition guarantees a fun experience!

By combining their individual strengths, skills and specializations in UI/UX Design, 3D Motion Graphics and Coding, they morph into a singular entity called the Digital Warrior who possesses the power and ability to defeat the enemy of bad designs plaguing the Digital World.

Divided into three specializations “superpowers”, Immersive Media is a skill represented by the VR headset, building worlds that effectively navigate the thin line between the real and the virtual. Motion Graphics is a skill represented by the 3D Primitive Object, where those who have mastered the use of basic elements are able to create various complex and dynamic visuals. UI/UX Design is a skill represented by a pencil, and is often displayed by only the most proficient designers who are capable of handling heavy research and wireframing.

We applaud the brave warriors – Bridget Seah, Constance Sim, Loo Ko Yan, Janice Chan, Chang Jia Hui, Choy Shin Ni, David Tan, Isis Chin, Sabrina Leong, Emily Yong, Milton See, Soo Zhi Jing & Ng Wenn Lync – on a successful graduation exhibition and wish them all the best in their heroic world-saving days!

[The One Academy of Communication Design was established in 1991 with the aim of promoting the region as the world’s center of creative reference. Strategically located in the thriving creative hub of Bandar Sunway, Selangor, with a branch in Georgetown, Penang, The One Academy is today a top notch leading international institute in art, design and creative multimedia, renowned with graduates who steer successful careers in creative capitals worldwide. The courses offered are Digital Media Design, Digital Animation with Game Development, Film Visual Effects, Illustration, Movie & Game Art, Advertising & Graphic Design, Interior Design, Paris Fashion Design & Pattern Making and Fine Arts.]