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Updated 2010-02-02
Illustration lecturer Gan Chin Lee won himself the inaugural Malaysian Artist (MEA) Award, an art award exhibition jointly organized by Gallery Chandran art activist group House of Matahati (HOM) and Soka Gakkai Malaysia in aim of supporting young talented artist in the local art scene.

His expressive entries entitled 'Me and Myself', 'I'm in Mamak Stall' and 'I am God' was among the ones picked by the judges for the chance to hold a solo exhibition, a cash prize of RM3000, a trophy, RM2000 worth of art supply vouchers and a 10-day travel agent grant to Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

This art award exhibition and competition aims to provide support for young Malaysian artists who want to be actively involved and further their skills by bringing them closer to the local and international visual arts industry.

In another art exhibition held internationally as the 14th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition Taichung City in Taiwan, Gan was awarded the Merit Award, an Honorable Mention Award for his masterpiece entitled 'Harmony Street', with the hope that the community would work towards building a harmonious environment in our world today.

Throughout his awarding years, he has actively participated in local and international group exhibitions such as the Commonwealth Games 1998, Kuala Lumpur; Saksi Kebangsaan Malaysia, 2003 at National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur; Studio Annual Exhibition 2006, Central Academy of Fine Arts, China; a recent collaboration, 51 years, The Merdeka Visualogue 2008, Malaysia and many more.

"My years at The One Academy have given me a complete foundation of design knowledge and self-discipline. As a result when I studied abroad, learning was easy because I knew the basics at my fingertips." Gan also hopes for young artists to have good observation and deep knowledge about art history as concept and art must go hand in hand. "You would want to provide a deep meaning behind your artwork that reaches out to people."

Our local art scene still has many untapped budding artists who need the right platform to grow into a professional career in the art and design industry. Therefore, The One Academy encourages its students to jump at every opportunity they come across, because each attempt brings you closer to attaining greater heights.