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Malaysia's Next Rising Comic Artist Found
Updated 2010-02-02
The National Manga Competition 2009 organized by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) managed to draw 150 young aspiring artists in Malaysia who unleashed their skills on Japanese comic book art, better known as manga.

Open to all Malaysian talents, the first-time event held across the nation was divided into three main categories: amateur, secondary school students and primary school students. The competition aims to provide a wider exposure of Japanese comic book art to a larger audience, regardless of age.

The One Academy graduate in illustration Yap Zhuo Yu won third place (amateur category) with his inspiring comic artwork that garnered him a cash prize of RM500.

The competition's chief judge and creative director for Malaysia based online comic portal Comixo Studio, Benny Wong, said that he was delighted with the quality of works produced. The entries were judged based on the criteria of creativity, dialog, character design, art style, story, skill and technique, panel and composition.

Yap said he took almost 2 months to complete his artwork and is based on the storyline of a thriller. "My comic talks about a horrible incident that happened to a mischievous boy. I try to bring in the 'dark mood' into the comic to enhance the horror atmosphere, so that is what makes my work different than the others."

According to Yap, 'passion' and 'patience' is important to break into the creative industry. "We need to be daring and keep on trying, because we never know how far we can go."