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Stealing the Spotlight in LAMPU
Updated 2020-03-06

The Light and Motion Putrajaya Festival (LAMPU 2019) has returned for its seventh year, this time highlighting the ethnic and cultural diversities of Malaysia. The festival on the theme of “Beautiful Malaysia” ran from 28th to 31st December 2019, with the finale highlight being the new year celebration of fireworks display. Many activities were line up in the duration of the four days, including music fests, fitness fiestas and cultural dance shows.

One of the attractions was the light projection mapping on the imposing façade of the Palace of Justice building. Featuring a myriad of colourful visual graphics and animation as well as accompanying music, it was the most talked-about event that left the audience in amazement and awe. Projection mapping is creating spectacular visual magic by displaying graphics onto surfaces such as landmark buildings and architectural landscapes, playing off their shapes and textures to create a delightful experience of light and illusion.

Two of the teams that took part in the projection mapping competition are Year 2 students from The One Academy’s BA (Hons) Digital Media Design programme. The first team, who call themselves Kayders, won 2nd Place and took home prizes of RM2,000 in cash, an Apple iPad, a trophy as well as certificates of appreciation. The team of four members comprised of Sim Le Xuan, Ng Wen Lync, Loo Ko Yan and Soo Zhi Jing. Meanwhile, Team 2 which consisted of See Ek Chang, David Tan Hao Ming, Chin Zhe Li and Chan Hui Yee garnered the Merit recognition and received a medal as well as certificates of appreciation.

Ellis Bartholomeus Digital Media Sharing

The Light and Motion Putrajaya Festival

It was a race against time, as both teams were only given a duration of five weeks to prepare for the competition. Team Kayders’s approach was to split the content into four different aspects to express the theme of “Beautiful Malaysia”, touching on biodiversity, culture, transportation and sportsmanship.

“We wanted to portray the aspects that identifies Malaysia, from its biodiversity of nature and the relationship with ethnic cultures and traditions. Followed by showcasing our admiration of the country’s vast development in transportation and the spirit of sportsmanship by introducing our national sports teams and athletes who have put Malaysia on the world map. Lastly, the closing is a patriotic appreciation message that reminds us to stay united for the year ahead,” explained team leader, Sim Le Xuan.

“We were introduced to 3D animation in our previous semesters, and while excited about joining this competition, we were also doubtful of our abilities at the same time. Nevertheless, we took on the challenge and powered through with guidance from our ever-helpful lecturers which aided us greatly,” she stated, while also expressing the team's gratitude at being offered the opportunity to showcase their artwork in such a large-scale event.

Team 2 decided to explore the beauty of Malaysia’s cultures by diving deep into its arts, crafts and festive celebrations. Team leader See Ek Chang on behalf of his team also conveyed gratitude to The One Academy for introducing and encouraging them to partake in the competition, as it was an opportunity of a lifetime.

“It was very fascinating to see the works by the other teams, and I was really inspired by them. It felt really surreal to see your work being projected onto such a magnificent building such as the Palace of Justice,” he reflected.

The Light and Motion Putrajaya Festival

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