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Asiagraph 2019 Crowns TOA Talent!
Updated 2020-02-10

One of Asia’s renowned awards, Asiagraph in Tokyo has been recognizing talented creative designers and giving them a platform to shine on for years and this time round, not one, not two, but three projects created by The One Academy students were selected to be showcased in their CG Art Gallery-Division II: CG Animation Theatre category!

Asiagraph 2019

‘Farewell’ follows the tale of little girl who is bent on proving to her grandmother that she is independent enough to take care of herself. The heart-tugging twist at the end is sure to soften even the hardest of hearts, true to the vision of Lightbox Productions, the team behind this sentimental short which took home a win under the ‘Excellence Works’ category. “Even though the runtime is only a few minutes, we wanted “Farewell” to have an emotional impact on its audience”, said Erica Eng, Director and one of the talented minds who brought this video to life. Also in the team are Shiew Hao Ze, Yap Han Wai, Chung Chin Hong, Ng Zi Shen, Koh Kok Quan, Chia Phui Yieng, Ong De Piao, Wan Yee Shin, Tham Yee Theng, Lim Su Jing, Ng Yong Qin, Yow Chee Seng, Lim Kheng Wei, Alison Loke Mern Nyee, Wee Shwu Ing, Ruth Feby Carissa, Wong Wil Chuan, Lau Wei Liang, Alexander Than Keng Mun, Nicholas Ho Yeow Hong and Yap Siu Ching.

‘Mamak’ tells the story of an elderly stall owner showing an act of kindness to a young kid in a setting familiar to most Malaysians, if not all. Truly surprised at bagging a win under the ‘Winning Works’ category, Teoh Yi Heng, Director of the team behind this video elaborated that their aim was to produce an animated short film which we enjoyed. “The setting of an old stall by the road in the middle of a paddy field really stuck with us for having a really unique Malaysian aesthetic, and so we went ahead with a story befitting this setting”, he said. Team members include Hong Wi Fan, Seh Kai Pang, Ong Chou Ping, Lee Chi Yuen, Loo Wei Han, Irina Chuah Yun-He, Christa Sydney, Ilenda Sanders Flemik, Phang Wui Ling, Tan Jing Wei, Low Jin Yi, Hiew Ying Heng, Pang Lora, Joanne Lee Yi Shuang, Fiona Yap Chuei Yin and Wong Kok Wai.

Also winning recognition as a ‘Winning Work’ is ‘Loop’, the brainchild of students from The One Academy Penang. Logan Lee, Director of the video described this short as a story of “a lively grandpa who is always excited to carry out his unusual daily routine”. Set in the future, this short explores family love, strong emotions and the unique bond shared by a grandfather and his grandson. “Being from Penang, we wanted to make a story based on the culture here, and after a visit to the Chew Jetty and seeing the elderly folks there going about enjoying life, inspiration struck us and the idea behind this short was born”, recounted Logan. This group effort was made possible by him and team members Jordan Soh Shin Jet, Lim Li Hang, Neoh Yee Khang, Lee Shen Hau and Yeow Zhi Hang.

Each team faced their fair share of challenges such as time constraints, self-doubt, technical issues and more, however they focused on giving the project their very best, and true enough their hard work has paid off! When asked about advice for future animators, Erica said “, choose a story that you are enthusiastic about. Nobody is going to spend as much time with your story as you, so you might as well make a film that you want to make”. Similarly, Teoh Yi Heng advised budding creatives to “create something that you love, be passionate, and be resilient”. Logan emphasised on the bigger picture and the role that art plays globally. He said “focus on what you want to do, good art can make the world better”.

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