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MSC Malaysia and TOA’s International 3D Animation Masterclass & Seminars
Updated 2010-01-11
The One Academy partners with MSC Malaysia to host a series of international animation seminars – the International 3D Animation Masterclass & Seminars and brought the audience world renowned animators from Disney/Pixar.

The objective of this event is to create awareness about the current trends in global animation industry and is designed to promote the development of 3D animation on the local front while nurturing enthusiasm and the expansion of skills and knowledge upgrade among aspiring animators.

Held at the Technology Park in Bukit Jalil, the seminars feature animation experts from the industry – Kyle Balda and Phat Phuong.

Kyle Balda was a former directing animator at Pixar Animation Studios with 15 years of accumulated professional experience in the field of feature animation and is most notably recognized for his collaboration work with Pixar Animation studios and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) on films such as The Flintstones, The Mask, Mars Attack and Jumanji, as an animator on A Bug's life and Monsters, Inc. and as directing animator of Toy Story 2.

According to Balda, "Aspiring animators should not be taken away by the technology side of it, but to treat it more as a tool and not the end of it. What connects between teaching the principles and the software used is a school that understands that and able to relate it to the students."

Meanwhile, Phat Phuong is currently the Set Dressing Lead for Toy Story 3 at Pixar Animation Studios. Based in San Francisco, USA, Phat's expertise lies in the area of film environment creations. He has been with Pixar for the past 10 years and his credits include many great successes such as Ratatouille, Presto, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and Cars.

During his CG Public Seminar on 28 December 2009, Phat covers an interesting topic on set dressing, modeling and what was it like to work with Pixar.

"The job environment at Pixar is inspiring. It takes a lot of enthusiasm because the job involves a lot of talent and passionate people, so when you work with them, you're always challenging yourself to be better," said Phat Phuong.

"For youngsters to better prepare themselves in the industry, one should get the basic fundamental of art and understand what they're good at. They will need to identify their interest and what they like to be specialized in as it is an expanding industry in the animation field,"

Phat was also invited to The One Academy for a 2-hour exclusive sharing session with the students where he talked about the projects he worked on with Pixar. He said he was impressed by some of the students' work here.

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