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Travelling In Pursuit of Creative Inspiration
Updated 2019-07-01

The theme for The One Academy’s ID Supplement Day this time round was ‘Travel to Inspire’. Addressing topics such as finding inspiration not only abroad but also locally, creating architecture memories and turning these experiences into inspiration, the event this time was a smashing success. The forum was organized by The One Academy’s School of Interior Architecture and Design with the purpose of equipping students with tips and insight from the industry as well as vital creative skills. The speaker lineup this time was Dr Eric Leong, Head of the Interior Architecture and Design School, Ong Xin Rong and Lewis Chan, lecturers of the Interior Design faculty here at The One Academy. Each speaker has tons of experience and knowledge in this are as all of them have been dabbling in this industry for many years.

When asked about why they travel, each speaker had their own reasons for venturing beyond their four walls. Lewis stated that he sees travelling as an adventure, brimming with new perspectives and opportunities for exploration whereas Dr Eric Leong said he used to travel to collect memories. “We didn’t have social media or Instagram last time, so the pictures we took we had to wait really long to develop and keep them”. However, nowadays his travelling is mainly for work and inspiration purposes. “When I travel now, I look for inspiration and new ideas and then implement them in our course and studies”, he stated.

They also spoke about experiences they encountered during their travels. Dr Eric recounted an instance that him and his friends had experienced whilst travelling in which they had come across a unique accommodation with an even more unique story to it. “The hotel we chose to stay at was a castle, and it was really cheap. Excited we decided to book it, however we soon found out that the reason why many people weren’t there and it was really cheap was because it was rumored to be haunted”, he explained gleefully. Lecturer XR Ong said she too truly enjoys travelling and makes it a point to work hard, save up and travel as it is an excellent way to find inspiration and meet new people.

Regardless of the memories and experienced made both good and bad, the panel wholeheartedly agreed that travelling is indeed an excellent source of inspiration not only for one’s self but also to fuel creativity. Examples of locations that students were advised to pay a visit is airports and shopping malls as these are the places that would have interesting landscape, interiors and exteriors. “Travel whenever you can, work hard and save up as those moments are truly priceless”, advised Dr Eric. “As times change, so does architecture and if you put off travelling to a later time, there is no guarantee that things would be the same as it is now. So make time, travel and come back inspired to create amazing designs and ideas” he concluded.

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