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Crossing the Digital Media Divide
Updated 2019-06-27

The Digital Media Design faculty at The One Academy has just wrapped a very productive week here in the new Bandar Sunway campus. This week saw to a few sharing sessions conducted by industry experts who are redefining the local digital media landscape. The string of events was kicked off by Filamen, a studio specializing in the art of projection mapping. This was followed by FNL PRJCT, a a multidisciplinary independent studio specialising in bringing ideas to life regardless of what medium they may be in, be it traditional or digital.

Recently, Filamen’s founders Abdul Shakir and Fariz Hanapiah dropped by The One Academy to conduct a sharing on projection mapping. It was truly a sight for sore eyes to view the many successful projects that they have produced. Shakir first got attracted to the idea of projection mapping through a talk he attended as a university student. From then, he began looking into it and gaining as much knowledge as he can on it. He also advised the attendees that it is always a good idea to “just keep constantly learning about the things that you want to do”, as the added knowledge will definitely come in handy later on. According to Shakir, projection mapping is a very fluid concept open to many possibilities. “You can project onto items, cars, walls of buildings, in fact, you can even project it onto airplanes” he said.

They have also coined a new term for this branch of exciting new media, ‘lumedia art’. “Lumedia art is a new term where we merge a lot of other skillsets such as product designing, programming, artists and designers work together to come up with a project or product”, Shakir elaborated. Co-founder Fariz Hanapiah was present as well to highlight the challenges, tip and tricks of projection mapping. Students were advised to network and “keep in touch with people whom you want to pursue a career with later on” as this will help greatly when they are ready to enter the industry.

Following that was a session conducted by FNL PRJCT, a multidisciplinary independent studio specialising in bringing ideas to life regardless of what medium they may be in, be it traditional or digital. The FNL PRJCT was founded by four talented young men, Jim Chuah, Kenix Ho, Wu Zhang and Shi Bin, all of whom have one important thing in common; they are all alumni of The One Academy!

One of the advices they gave to the attendees was to tackle each project by dividing it into three parts namely the brief, insight and core message. “By doing so you will have a clearer picture on what the client wants and your design route”, said Jim Chuah. He also emphasized on the importance of researching the topic thoroughly as this will help creators to come up with a story and skeletal design for the project. After showing some of their showreels, the founders of FNL PRJCT held a Q&A session to answer some of the student’s burning questions. When asked about what brings them inspiration, they advised to take advantage of social media and all the resources available. “Social media platforms such as Instagram are a great tool not only for inspiration but also to contact various designers whom you may want to collaborate with”, said Jim before concluding the exciting event.

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