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Sin Way Chyuan’s First Solo Exhibition – Under the Skin
Updated 2019-06-17

“Under the Skin” is a solo exhibition from Sin Way Chyuan, and is fully supported by The One Academy of Communication Design. This exhibition features 50 of Way Chyuan’s selected masterpieces, drawn with ink and graphite on paper, bringing his imaginations to life through his exquisite rendering skills.

Through this exhibition, Way Chyuan intends to draw his audiences into his surrealistic world, where he strips societal norms down to their true nature. Every single piece of art here is inspired by a different circumstance that has occurred from the complex regulations demanded by modern norms, and it all began when Way Chyuan set a challenge for himself: A Drawing a Day. From the challenge, he grew more attentive to his surroundings, drawing inspiration from his daily encounters, experiences, and his impressions on them. The results are, a series of drawings that are remarkably relatable, portraying the anxieties, struggles, restraints, fears, vulnerabilities, difficult choices, burdens and peace in life.

A skilled artist and an alumnus of The One Academy of Communication Design, Way Chyuan is an adept of human anatomy. Heavily influenced by the techniques and creatively wild imaginative minds of Moebius and Katsuhiro Otomo, Way Chyuan has slowly developed himself to create masterpieces as mysterious and surrealistic as they have. Currently, he is teaching in his alma mater, dutifully bringing up a new generation of young artists.

Way Chyuan looks forward to seeing you at this exhibition, and hearing all about your own personal interpretations and experiences. Those interested can head on over to The One Gallery in The One Academy.

Details are as below:
Date: 25th June - 10th July 2019
Time: 9am - 5.30pm (Weekdays), 9am - 1pm (Weekends)
Venue: The One Gallery, The One Academy of Communication Design, Block B4, Leisure Commerce Square, No.9, Jalan PJS 8/9, 46150, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

The One Academy - Solo Exhibition

Don't Step on Them:
"Every piece of artwork is completed with as little references as possible, and this piece is no exception. The careful tip toeing forward of the feet had to be amended a great deal of times before I was content with it, portraying a mild and inexplicable anxiety. The result is a rather happy surprise."

The One Academy - Solo Exhibition

Rub of Animalism:
"The inspiration of this particular piece originates from a character design of a video game music trailer. Despite the lack of relation between the character design and the intention behind this artwork, I do enjoy the indirect trigger of the process, and is very pleased with the outcome. Different people have shared their own interpretation of this piece with me, and they are all interesting and logical in their own ways. I love how this piece has created that level of resonance between me and my audience."

The One Academy - Solo Exhibition

"'Peaceful' is one of the emotions I wanted to portray, and this piece of work was designed to balance out the heavy emotions of the other works I have. Surprisingly, this work have doen its part completely, every time I look at this piece of work, my emotions are inexplicable calmed."

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