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The One Academy Open Day
Updated 2010-01-11
On the 22nd and 23rd December 2009, The One Academy welcomed the public to meet professionals from the creative industry at its Open Day.

The remarkable two day event was filled with anticipation as aspirants and parents dropped by to enquire about the creative courses that the academy has to offer. With diploma and degree courses in Interior Design, Multimedia Design, Advertising & Graphic Design, Illustration and Digital Animation, secondary school students have found themselves a direction towards a career in the art & design world. School leavers had the opportunity to speak with experts on what they can expect from the industry upon deciding to pursue the creative field.

Open Day's day one offered an exclusive opportunity of Interior Design Workshop conducted by Malaysia’s celebrity Interior Designer, Eric Leong. Approximately 100 enthusiastic participants signed up to attend Malaysia's Most Favourite Interior Designer's Mini Colour Workshop and Moodboard Workshop, an introduction on Interior Designing. Eric Leong talked about the career prospect as an interior designer and how students should brace themselves when entering the field. During the Moodboard workshop, Interior Design students gave a presentation on Moodboard compilations. After the workshop, participants had the chance to chat with Eric over a cup of coffee on the tools and trades of the industry.

Day two gave a promising outcome during the career talk session by professional gurus from the industry such as renowned Comic Illustrator, award-winning Multimedia Specialist, digital animation Pioneer and an Art Director from a prestigious advertising firm. Topics shared varied from Comic Art & Illustration to the rise of 3D Animation. Participants and parents listened intently and found it absolutely informative and enlightening.

Each courses by individual faculty provided insightful experiences for those who had interest to know the various courses better. Insights on the works of game design and motion graphics were showcased as well as outstanding illustration artworks. During the life-drawing workshop, portrait drawing lessons with life models were conducted for students to participated and experiencing life-drawing. Inspiring award-winning works of Advertising & Graphic Design that have made an impact in the industry was also displayed proudly made an impression on the visitors. A collection of animation sculpture for Digital Animation is exhibited, demonstrated together with the latest Maya animation software.

The two day event indeed has provided a beneficial knowledge for aspirants a glimpse of realizing their own potential of discovering their rewarding future in an art and design career. "I am pleased to know that the interest shown by the youths today because it proves that there is growth in our art and design industry," claimed Tan Chin wee, Joint Managing Director of The One Academy.