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One of the Top Creative Schools in the World
Updated 2018-10-31

Recently, The One Academy was honoured as one of the Top Creative Illustration Schools in the World for 2018 by the Rookie Awards. In addition to this wonderful recognition, a number of students from the academy were also awarded the coveted badges from the Rookies. This year’s Rookies saw to an astounding 2914 entrants submitting 9971 projects. These entrants were from 581 schools from 87 different countries worldwide. Having our students go against more than two thousand other participants and gain recognition for their hard work is truly incredible.

Among them is Choong Shin Yeng who was awarded six Excellence Awards badges and a Draft Selection Award badge. The artwork such as ‘Book of Hiraeth’ and ‘Girl’ is truly captivating. Shin Yeng hopes to land a job as a concept artist or visual development artist as these are the areas of passion. Another student is Ping Sheng Jie who was given three Excellence Awards badges. Showcasing a passion for digital illustration and game development, Sheng Jie’s art are as realistic as they are breathtaking. She fell in love with art after a chance encounter with an MMORPG game, and since then she has been captivated by the vast and rich world that lies in games and continues to find inspiration in them.

Teh Jia Yi, whose art is made up of sci-fi mixed in with fantasy elements, received the accreditation of seven Excellence Awards badges. Drawing inspiration from Eduardo Pena who worked on The Hobbit, Jia Yi has her eyes set on being in a production team of such films in the future, and is well on the way of reaching it by producing amazing illustrations. Earning an Excellence Award badge in ‘Digital Illustration’, Brayan Edwin Foong Tze Fung has plenty to be proud of. Despite having faced some troubling times and obstacles in the past, he persevered and continues to churn out artworks in the hopes of reaching his dream on day.

Besides that, Chin Siew Yit attained an Excellence Award badge in the ‘Architectural Visualisation’ category for her stunning work in creating illustrations of a ‘Luxury Glamping Resort’. Designing around the concept idea of ESCAPE, Chin Siew Yit produced a design of the ultimate getaway destination that comes complete with 11 suites and various facilities such as a wellness spa, restaurants, yoga retreat and more. When browsing the designs, one is momentarily transported to a seemingly foreign land that exists solely to provide rest and relaxation. In addition to this, she also received a Draft Selection Award for her work.

The team of Guan Gong and the Cat received an Excellence Award badge awarded for the ‘Feature Animation’ category. The team behind the animated short film ‘The First of Spring’ was also awarded an Excellence Award badge for the same category. When asked about this experience, Lee Guan Hua of the Guan Gong and the Cat team recounted the win as a surprise and advised hopeful participants to “work diligently and just keep at it.” He went on to say that at times, long-winded storylines are not necessary and “keep it simple.”

Ong Ian, of the team which produced ‘The First of Spring’, relayed that the journey was challenging and tough but definitely worth it. “The challenge lay in creating and developing our characters and story. Our team had went through many versions and designs that differ from what you see in the final”, said Ian. But in the end, the team was very happy with their final outcome. His advice to fellow creatives was to not be trapped in their creative zones but rather to step out of it and explore.

It is the hard work of budding artists such as these that ensure the future of the creative industry definitely has a strong supply of talented individuals to bring us more exciting animations, films and games.

One of the Top Creative Schools in the World

[The One Academy of Communication Design was established in 1991 with the aim of promoting the region as the world’s center of creative reference. Strategically located in the thriving creative hub of Bandar Sunway, Selangor, with a branch in Georgetown, Penang, The One Academy is today a top notch leading international institute in art, design and creative multimedia, renowned with graduates who steer successful careers in creative capitals worldwide. The courses offered are Digital Media Design, Digital Animation with Game Development, Film Visual Effects, Illustration, Movie & Game Art, Advertising & Graphic Design, Interior Design, Paris Fashion Design & Pattern Making and Fine Arts.]